Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Miss You Most Of All My Darling~

When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall~

My mom LOVED Nat King Cole and that was one of her favorites..Autumn cannot happen in my mind without my thinking of that song simply because of her:)

This is such a wonderful cookie tool..

Easy to use..lovely quality and a yummy little light cookie~

Mary..recommended them to me:)

I love them~

Thought I would share them w/ you too~



  1. Beautiful, Monique. And so poignant. I am nearing the death anniversary of someone dear to me, and I really feel the words of your post title. I wish I could give you a hug!

  2. I so love this song and I used to and still do sing it...
    You brought tears to my eyes this morning...
    I also send you a huge hug...

  3. I love that song, too! I don't have NKC's version, but I do have his daughter's. I'm going to put that on the stereo today...

    Beautiful cookies, M. I've never seen one of those stencils - I'm going to hunt one down now. Love your cake stand, too. Another gorgeous post!

  4. ..and soon we'll hear Old Winter's song~ I feel a little melancholy at this time of year also. I hope those beautiful cookies brightened your day! They certainly did mine :)

  5. Je suis très touchée par ton post aujourd'hui, je suis en train d'écouter cette chanson et je pense très fort à toi

  6. Hugs to you M...Leaves are a passion...where would I ever find such a unique leaf cookie cutter?
    I immediately fell in love !!!! cookies look so thin and light...that little dragonfly gets to try all the good recipes!!! xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  7. We say the most sometimes
    when we say the least.

    She is always with you.


  8. Oh dear, you have led me to another site I can browse through. What a clever little tool, and your cookies are beautiful.

  9. C'est super jolie et j'adore...Je me garde l'idée de tes jolies feuilles...Delicious, fabulous !!!!

  10. I too love this song and was crazy about Nat King Cole. What a clever cookie tool. Your leaves are gorgeous.

  11. Wow, those leaf cookies are gorgeous! What a cute gadget haha.

    BTW may I ask you something about the Brigitte cookie cutter? I bought it after seeing the lovely cookies you made, but have a bit of trouble with the dough sometimes sticking to the cutter and making a bit of a mess, even when I dust the cutter with flour. Do you do anything with the cutter or the dough to prevent it from sticking?

  12. Thanks so much for enjoying the cookies and music today:)

    The Lady Phoenix... the Barefoot Contessa's shortbread cookie recipe is ideal for the Brigitte Cookie Cutter..If you try that one you should see the ease of use..I have made a few more kinds now and they work well also..but the first no-fail was Ina's..Try?:)

    This cookie..s..the leaves..are like a stencil..The recipe is at the back of the card that comes in the cookie stencil pacakge..
    I bought mine at Chef Tools..You can click on the link~

    Ooooh.. it's that kind of Nat King Cole day here..~


  13. Thanks for responding so promptly! I have tried Ina Garten's shortbread recipe, sometimes it still stuck though. Maybe my dough gets too warm while working with it, I will try to make sure I work with chilled dough all the way. :)

  14. oh they look so pretty... you are just so far ahead of me in the season~

    guess what, safari fell apart... we are home til mid oct now... WAAAAAAAAAAA!

    FEED ME OK?!

  15. I love his music too..such a soothing voice..
    And I love your cookies...
    Always in our hearts..always..

  16. Hugs to you. Never seen that cookie tool. Now I want one.

  17. how nostalgic Monique. I love Nat King Cole's songs too and can imagine the feeling. and the cookies are so appropriate!

    congratulations on your new grandchild...how adorable :) I have been reading your posts that Ive missed over the past few weeks and as usual every picture is amazing. btw I posted your bulls eye cake too.

  18. Je suis en train d'écouter la chanson sur youtube en relisant ton post ... Le bonheur ... ... Que tes images sont belles !
    Bisous et bonne journée

  19. I love the fact that you traced the leaf veins in the chocolate. Your eye for detail and color and composition is an inspiration to me! I havent' seen this tool either, but I am going to check it out. Thanks!

  20. You just got to love falling leaves . . . especially if they are tuiles covered in chocolate! Yum! Yum!

  21. Nat King Cole is an old favorite of mine too. Lots of memories there! Love your stencil tool and thanks for letting us know where to get it.

  22. I still find it so great that people can connect so quickly from all over the world..learn and share so much~
    Have fun with those stencils:)

  23. Music and food can conjure up so many memories...I am glad yours are fond ones. Kathleen is correct...I'm sure your mother is always with you.

    I can't wait to buy and try these cookies. I love making cookies, the warm smell from the oven, and eating them of course!


  24. Oh Monique,
    You touched my heart, this song always reminds me of my dad and the line "the sunburned hands I used to hold". My thoughts are with you and your loving, cherished memories that live in your very sweet heart.

    Beautiful post.