Sunday, September 20, 2009

La Vie~ In Blogland:)

To me..having a small blog ..and sharing with other's like subscribing to many different haute gamme magazines..and never having to wait for their arrival~:)

Yet getting the very best content that suits my a T~
And knowing the editors on a first name basis:)

A little while ago..... Cathe Holden at Just Something I Made~

Shared these wonderful black and white produce images..

I had a blank canvas bag left over from 100 yrs ago..and knew I would put her gift to good use:)
I printed the gift on Inkjet paper.. after I flipped the photo w/ Photoshop..added La Table De Nana..and Bon Appétit for Julia~:)then used a gel transfer medium transfer the gift onto my canvas bag:)

I love it!

Thank you Cathe Holden..You may remember the small nest I made because of hers:)

Every day..a new treat!Go visit!! You will always be inspired~

Thank you!

I had also seen at Tigress In a Jam.. a greengage plum jam I knew we would love~

I searched in vain for green plums..:( I only found Italian ones(I love those too!) but wanted green to bring me back to Provence and La Ferme De La Huppe:)..To no avail~:(

However..Jacques..loved it!So the recipe is a keeper here..

It is just so nice to learn so much at the waltz of a mouse~


Thank you!!Et Bon Dimanche~


  1. I share your sentiments about blogworld and I love your bag! Can you make more and sell them? :) There will be a waiting list, that I am sure! Beautiful!!!

  2. Love your bag. I am always finding so many neat things in blogland. Those German cookie cutters for one! THEY are neat! And some great recipes!

    Love your bag!

  3. Thank you! You can both make the bag:) You simply click on Cathe Holden's produce images and save.. for the larger version..then you can flip and print on Iron on transfer paper:) My inkjet prints terribly so I used the transfer medium..I will put a link to how to use the transfer medium for tiles also..It's been a fun product to use..
    Ms Holden has fabulous ephemera that she shares graciously and she is an extremely creative person..Amazing really:)

    Have fun!

  4. Hooray for sharing and for a LOVELY bag!

  5. M...You go girl!!!! awsome bag! Love Holden, she is so generous with her talents! I love the transfer paper options..takes you to a whole new level of fun! I'm so with you on the wonder of blogland...the world at your fingertips! I may never get to many places in this world of ours but I travel vicariously through the click of a finger! Bliss!
    Kiss the little ones for me, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  6. M. You go girl! The bag is awsome! Love Holden, she is so generous with her talents!!! I love transfer takes fun to a whole new level. I'm with you on the wonders of blogland...I may never get to travel and see many of the places I'd like to in this world of ours, I travel vicariously with a click of a finger !! BLISS ! Kiss the boys for me!, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings....(answered your question on my blog)...

  7. Merci pour ce partage, je suis allé me promener sur ce blog, j'aime beaucoup, et ce sac est superbe,
    Bonne journée

  8. that is just darling, off to explore~

  9. je suis complètement d'accord avec toi sur ce que tu écris :) sans compter que quand on essaie une recette de bloggueuse, on en parle à son entourage, comme si c'était sa voisine qui nous l'avait donnée.
    ça donne lieu à quelques situations cocasses comme " j'ai pris la recette chez Nana "....chez qui ?....mais tu sais bien...j'arrête pas de t'en parler ! lol ! lol !lol !

    sympa la confiture :) bon dimanche :)

  10. Isa.. Je suis si contente de te viens tout juste de préparer un petit billet ..en te mentionnant! Je tiens à te remerçier encore de ton astuce concernant les moules..nous sommes allés vendredi..Un péché mignon et les gens sont si gentils!Tu peux imaginer que Jacques a entendu le nom Isa maintes fois cette journée là..Je dois admettre qu'il est un peu perdu:)Ce n'est pas un Blogger:)C'est un Golfeur.

    Kathy..yes..multi talented and generous..You must make many of these! You are very talented also!
    I am so glad you are all visiting her:)The jam is EXCELLENT also..I left some under the welcome home dome for my friend that just came back from Italy last night~

  11. Lovely. I wonder if I could make the jam using the October Sun plums that were in the produce box. Something for me to consider... Love the bag. What a great idea!

  12. I love the idea, I have those transfer from Cathe too!!!
    I haven't used gel transfer medium, I am going to see if I can find some!!!
    Thank you for that idea, I may need your help once I find the gel medium!!!!
    Margaret B

  13. I should start doing that to my bag. This is such a great idea. Beautiful.

  14. I've been on the just something i made blog and i go with you, it's a good hint. I love those monograms, fleurons etc... Your personalized bag is very cute.

  15. I am so inspired by your creativity. It's awe-inspiring!

  16. What a great idea to use the transfers on a tote bag! I love your personal touches :)

  17. Oooh I lurv your bag so cute you'r a clever girl!! And ye I love Blogland, so many new friends to meet and so many places to explore.

  18. I LOVE THAT BAG! I'll check out the transfer gel. I wonder if it's the same Acrylic Gel Medium? I know that you can transfer stuff to paper with that...

    I wonder have you already posted something about your camera and photo setup? I keep asking myself how you get these gorgeous photos. I KNOW that a big part of it is a real artist's eye, but I'm still curious about the other...

  19. I just visited Cathe and love her site! That was so generous of her to share and you did it justice!

    Now I have a new project ;-) It is so wonderful how we enrich each others lives.

    I have some canning jars just begging to be used...Thanks for the inspirations....Diane

  20. I hope you all share what you make:) camera set up..I wish I knew how..I do have a couple of cameras because I love photography..But for low light or even daylight since our light has changed in our the last 1o days..I have difficulty..I can custom white balance..and change aperture .. some basics..but that's it:( Novice novice here..Our windows all have square panes.. it is hard to not get lines of shadows..( I sound so whiney)..

    But learn from all of you also..I have read that Lowell Ego lights are good~

    An ongoing learning process:)

    Have a great day!

  21. so glad you made and enjoyed the jam! i was very happy to find those greengage plums as they are very hard to find where i am also. but i do love plum jam from many kinds of plums!

    i also get so much joy and inspiration from reading blogs. it is such a great way to travel. :)

  22. M...both your bag and the jam look just wonderful...
    thank you as always for the inspiration...

  23. Tout ceci est très joli, tout comme votre blog et ses commentaires sont magnifiques! Bravo!

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