Thursday, March 12, 2009

CopyCat Recipes~

Me too I am part of that club!
I made Jacques a "Happy Camper" yesterday morning..Mine are much flatter than Ann's but I think the taste was fabulous..and so did Jacques.

I only have photos BEFORE the REAL Maple Syrup..
But my are they good.
I prefer my pancakes grilled in butter and did just that.Ann suggests both..
She is a fabulous cook..if you have never been to visit Ann..go..have fun..spend a day and learn so much!

Every single recipe is a keeper..and you will meet a nice person too!


  1. They look delicious, Monique..
    M is the pancake and muffin man here..and I just got him to make this lovely apricot cream coffee cake..he hasn't made it in years..
    I will post the recipe on my blog..hope I can get a good pic, teach! :)

  2. Monique, what a delicious-looking breakfast! Beautiful! :D

  3. Mmmmm...Monique! The look utterly delicious.

    I'm with you and Ann, that is my favorite way to enjoy them, too.

    Beautiful photo, too. xo~m.

  4. Beautiful Pancakes!
    Lucky man!

  5. My husband would feel very neglected if he saw these :( Not only beautiful but delicious, I'm sure!