Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Hiatus~

And Jain's DB's Spring Fling~

We are busy this w/e.. with a celebration.. and work..
I got a jump start.:)

From my most recent favorite cookbook~

Not mine though~

I did not follow the menu at all..I just loved the page~

I started with the idea of my place setting in mind..
Lucky little US dishes:) And beautiful placemats and napkins from Susan for my birthday last month~

The soup bowls are from here.. a friend picked them up for me..I found the price very reasonable..for here:)

Last year..they were at HomeSense..I have 2.

If you look closely enough you can see me and Mary~

We started off with a Ricardo recipe..I LOVE it..I substituted the gelatin for Agar 2(my new addiction) have to do it differently but it works beautifully!

It's a Different Panna Cotta.. salad:)That's almost the name of the recipe!... and spread it on croutons and enjoy the salad apart~

I added chive oil I made and it was super w/ it~

I also made 5 Minute Artisan Bread in my mini Le Creusets..If you do not have that book..Buy it:)

With honey butter..Oh my gosh~

I decided to make the Williams-Sonoma Pea Soup recipe which is DELICIOUS!

and finalized the main course on an Asparagus/Emmental Quiche~ Accompanied by sautéed brussels sprouts with Sesame Oil.. ginger ..garlic.. and soya sauce..

It was a lovely..light dinner..

I did not make dessert because we still have the SCCCcake..and I made muffins and my DD's Oatmeal cookies for the weekend..But IF I had..
I would have picked the Flower pots..w/ chocolate rocks....from Jain..:)

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Oh la la, love your pretty setting!
    And the meal sounds just wonderful..
    The quiche looks delicious...
    Guess what? I found the red checks! 3.99 , no chicken salad plates as they have lead..:(
    Have a wonderful celebration for J!

  2. You have quickly become my favorite place to visit.

    A peaceful place to dream.


  3. Just beautiful! I love the placemats and napkins from Susan they look great with the black/white & yellow setting. I think Debbie has those same gorgeous plates. Your photos are so good..what is the secret? Birds I do okay but food...I don't get it.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebration.

  4. What can I say? You made them more beautiful that I thought they could be Chez Monique :) When I think of yellow I think of your lovely home.

    You have overwhelmed with me with all of your beautiful photos and recipes!

    I am overwhelmed with life right now - and boys, we are having a boy ;)

  5. Enjoy your weekend hiatus! I need one of those myself after this week. I've just now been able to sit down with my cup of tea and peruse my favorite sites. Your lunch by the lake looked so comforting and that last photo ethereal ~ so beautiful. And the Sour cream Chocolate Chip Cake ~ well the name says it all ~ I'm craving that. Your spring fling photos - so beautiful as well.
    Cheers Monique!

  6. Monique, your table setting is absolutely gorgeous, and your meals are to-die-for - always!! Beautiful photos, delicious food - one of my very favorite places to visit! :D

  7. Bonsoir! Henrietta is sleeping and thanks you all:)

    She has a special place here.

  8. Stunning table and mouth watering menu. You do it right.
    Happy Twirls