Friday, March 6, 2009

Giampaolo and Apple Pie~

I love that name Giampaolo..heard it for the first time last weekend~
So I've name my little pastry chef..Giampaolo..

I had apples.. not many..just enough for a small pie..

I have one small vintage Pyrex heart that I use to make small pies~

It's quite freeform my little pie as you can see..
But Giampaolo..still is smiling~
You can see under his mustache:)

You know I like aprons..this is another of my favorites from a dear friend~
Lives miles and miles away..

If you are wondering who it is.. go here..Once In A Blue Moon..

But settle in you will most likely want to spend time visiting~


  1. you are such a doll!

    giampaolo is adorable, he could not have found a better home to adore him~ and you know how much i love peeks into your life, it always warms my heart~

    you always have the prettiest pics on the net too...

    the apron will always be happy in your kitchen, it will never grace a better chef in its lifetime!
    muchas gracias mi amiga y nbf~

  2. Your little Giampaolo is a cutie just like your apple pie! That crust wants me to reach in and pick off a little piece. It looks delicious!

  3. Giampaolo is much cuter than those blackbirds for pies ;) Your apron is gorgeous but I really like the calendar page. That is one of my favorite quotes and I have it on a family plaque.

  4. Oh, I'd love a piece of that pie...The crust looks so the kind my mom used to make...I could never duplicate hers, no recipe...:(
    I think she used Crisco though...I tried, it was awful!

    I hope Mario isn't jealous you have found a new man for your kitchen! lol

  5. Je passe pour te remercier beaucoup de ta gentillesse et comme nous sommes samedi, je te souhaite un super week-end….chez nous, c’est la pluie. Toujours une merveille pour les papilles et j'adore

  6. I wanted to come over and personally thank you for making me feel so welcome to the Darling Bakers. The culinary talents that surround me there is truly inspiring! I look forward to acquainting myself with you over this rewarding journey.

    Sweet Wishes,

  7. That pie looks so warm and does everything you do...
    Just beautiful Monique!