Sunday, March 8, 2009


At 7.30 yesterday morning I tried my first batch ever of French Macarons.
Not a total success.. not even close.. the first pan looked like psitachio meringues...Oy..
I only saved one tray..these..and really they need work..They need to be puffier..

and they need to have much better legs..

And not be filled with the bottom scrapes of the Nutella jar~

I only had one egg left after this trial and there will be many more trials to get them just right.I really don't even know what they sould taste like..

Would I love them?I don't know..

I just think they follow the "Pretty Rule".

I'd like to make pink ones and lavender ones..All kinds of delicious fillings..

I would love a Laduré a Ladurée box.

To start with perhaps the best?
Go peek at their lovely offerings.
More to come I hope in Macaronville:)


  1. you know everything you do is perfect, stop complaining!

  2. The Macarons look good although I am not at all familiar with what they are. I prefer chocolate peanut butter to Nutella but that's me. :)

  3. Hi M

    Some how I was able to post using my IM name. It's me, Arlene.

  4. Hi A!

    You know..maybe I would have guessed that was you:)
    I love chocolate PB too..
    This was spur of the moment.I dreamt about them all night and couldn't wait to make them:)

    I know...My dreams are made of grandchildren and baking..Ok and gardening too!


  5. Wow, impressive macarons!
    Love the color, and I know how delicious they are.

  6. They are beautiful Monique...I have not had the guts to try them...
    what recipe did you use?

  7. these are still beautiful! :) i have never gathered to courage to make macarons but you have inspired me to get working on them soon enough. love the flavour combinations! x

  8. Are french macaroons more like merigunes? Nice idea with the nutella kind of treat.

  9. Very pretty Monique. I've tried them once and they weren't a complete success but I would definitely try again!! Your's are very pretty.I love anything with pistachio. I know you will master them. The colors are all so pretty. I remember eating these 20 years ago in Paris and not having a clue what they were. It took me years of looking just to put a name to the macaron. I never would have imagined they would be come so popular on the internet. But I should not be so surprised because the little box of four that I bought made a life long impression on me. I wish I knew the name of the shop. It was near one of the big train stations..I was headed to Lucerne and we wanted a snack.

    Sorry for reminiscing's like Prousts madeleine's for me!

  10. I have been wanting to try making macarons since I've been seeing so many lovely photos of them on the foodie sites. They look so pretty and so French! I haven't been brave enough yet. You will master them, I know. I love the flavors of yours and they are pretty to my eyes :)

  11. Merçi les filles..

    I do hope to try and make more soon.I will share what i think works best when I find it ok?
    I was a bit reticent of showing..It's good to have encouragement.
    Maybe it WAS Ladurée Suzy?

  12. Oh those would be so pretty for Easter..oink, and lav...yellow too!They look very good to me..
    I guess they are different from Macaroons..I have made those, with coconut..I must google yours!

  13. I think your Macarons are just beautiful! I am a flight attendant and go to Paris regularly. I think I have tried Macarons from every shop that crosses my path. Yes, Laduree is probably the most famous place that serves them, as it is an experience to sit in the lovely tea room and indulge in their delicateness. I tried to make them once years ago and they didn't turn out so well. Bringing them back to the US in their original form is almost impossible, since buses...planes...and security checks are not kind to them. C'est la vie, we'll just have to perfect the recipe! Bon Chance!!

  14. Oh, these look amazing! I am not much of a cookie baker (my daughter is) so I'll have to share this with her - thanks!

  15. These macarons looked just lovely! I must admit that they are quite challenging but I get this sense of accomplishment once I get them to turn out perfectly round and all =)

  16. I too believe yours look beautiful. I have only tried my great grandma's macarons, so wish I had her recipe. I will be brave and try as you have. I love Nutella. Can't wait to see when you try again and the pretty colours. I would love to make a coconut snowy white macaron! xo~Tracie