Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kitchen Tulips and Henrietta~

Home from my walk to the village ,I love laying my store bought tulips over the sink while I unpack groceries ..It's a sight I love.

I rarely give in to the splurge..but this is a color I can't resist..

On my walk to the village I stopped at the library tag sale..

and found Henrietta.
I loved her on the spot..she's a clay baker..unglazed..and I had wanted one for bread..

She's quite large and I had to carry her home with me along with a dozen eggs(How perfect!!) and milk..

I took some 5 minute artisan bread dough out..and put it in the sun.. the phone rang and I had to leave for J was in charge of baking it..I called from the office and said..So?

He said.."It's fine".."Fine?" I said...

It can't just be fine..It was baked in's better than a cloche..I am excited about this I said inside myself..
I couldn't wait to get home to see it!..Next time I will remove her head for the last 10 mins of baking.He did a great job..
I can safely say I have brought my bread making to a higher degree of pleasure with Henrietta.She's just got this face:)


  1. Monique, you find the most unusual thngs! How sweet! The bread looks wonderful. The tulips are a BEAU color.

  2. you are a collector of treasures.
    I see this. I see that you treasure
    your treasures. I love that.

    I happen to think, as do I'm sure more than a few, that you are the
    greatest treasure...yes you are.

    pssttt and who is this you mentioned over on my page? lol.

  3. Gorgeous tulips, Monique ... definitely a day-brightener...

    Hernietta is adorable ... I'm sure les petits garçons will be enthralled with the pretty little hen and love anything that their Nana bakes in her.

  4. Oui, je sais, encore un copier-coller. Mille excuses, mais le message est général. Juste pour vous signaler que j’ai changé de plate-forme et voilà le nouveau lien. Je suis là maintenant :
    Je vous souhaite à tous une bonne fin de dimanche et encore merci de toute votre gentillesse
    A bientôt.
    Dommage qu'on ne puisse plus te mettre des commentaires, car il faut un compte google...Je passe par un autre système pour le mettre.

  5. Henrietta is wonderful! What a find..:)
    The hens have come home to roost...or rather bake bread!
    And it looks delicious!

  6. Henrietta looks like she is happy in her new home! What a fun find and those tulips are gorgeous. A breath of fresh spring ;)

  7. Seriously, Monique, you take the most beautiful pictures. You even make a clay baker look ethereal! I love your tulips (my favorite flower), and the bread looks like it turned out great! Henrietta is lucky to have found such a lovely home! ;)

  8. Henrietta is charming, Monique! I detect a twinkle in her eye and a sly grin on her face ;) Even your bread looks like itis smiling! I'm sure Henrietta is very happy to have been adopted by such a loving home.

  9. Love Henrietta...and you gotta love 5 minute bread...thanks to dear Zoe...she has made baking bread a pleasure...

  10. I love Zoe..and never met her..To have that dough in my close to nirvana.
    What a great book!


  11. I had to stop by immediately to sigh and smile at those beautiful tulips - and then discovered Henrietta! She is obviously a good Kitchen Hen and will bring you perfect loaves:)