Saturday, March 7, 2009

A simple salad~

I recently read a recipe with pear avocado and cranberries..
I added a twist by incorporating I have always loved apple and fennel..Well pear and fennel are equally delicious.
The dressing was EVOO..lime juice, fleur de sel, honey and chopped cranberries.
Very crunchy and fresh..I did add a bit of lemon keep the color of the pear and avocado from turning brown.. before adding the vinaigrette which was added a little later.The lime juice in the dressing would have the same effect.

I photographed it because it just fell in the bowl like this..
To me.. that was asking for attention:)


  1. Only you could have something just "fall into the bowl" and look this beautiful! Interesting combination of flavors and a beautiful photo.

  2. How appropriate using avocado with pears -- for once they were know as "alligator pears"!

  3. I am becoming a fennel aficionado also! Your salad sounds wonderful, M. I am alway looking for new salad recipes!

  4. I wish the food would 'fall' into my bowls so beautifully!! At least I'd have a fighting chance for a decent photo. ;)

    I seem to like fennel more and more these days. In fact, I have some in the fridge now. Maybe they should be destined for your salad... Sounds delicious!

  5. Thank you everyone.Thank goodness so many of us like food and photography and can understand this:)Winter's long..gardens scarce!