Thursday, March 19, 2009


My girls laughed when I bought this breakfast tray:)It was at Winner's for $3.00.
It's the toast rack and all the indents that sold me..There's a little stainless bowl and a knife too..But mostly I think the memory of the dish made me buy it.
I love "Cocos et Trempettes" as my mom called them and made them for me many many times throughout my life..especially Friday nights when we could not eat meat way back when..
What a treat.. then spooning the rest out..
Yesterday was a mish mash of news.. some very sad news from a friend afar..I am thinking of her today..
the tragic tragic news of one of my favorite actresses Natasha Richardson..
I watched "Evening" for the second time in the last few months ..To see her with her mom in that movie..Just made it even more meaningful.
I feel sad for her family..that will surely miss her forever and a day.

Then.. some happy news..a friend had her third grandson yesterday..he lives quite far away..I'll bring this for her today.. what I wanted to share is this little sdd on you can make.. you can add them to tags or to ribbons.. The idea was graciously shared by..

Cathe Holden at Just Something I Made.

Her site is filled with wonderful ideas..My little email me gadget came from her also..
Enjoy her is inspirational.


  1. what a darling little egg tray! is it new?

    i know how sad you are over nr...

    what a cute nest, and with your cards it will be extra special.

    off to check your link, glad your day had some good news too yesterday~

  2. Incredible talent.

    I went and checked her out.


    tres cool.

  3. Your breakfast tray was a lovely find, M! Sweet story about your mom. It was an eventful day yesterday. So sad you had sad news from a friend and NR but glad you had some happy news to counter-balance the sad.

    Beautiul website! I just looked and I can see how you would have loved it immediately. Your friend will be so pleased with the wee bird's nest.

  4. Thanks so much for the link to my birds’ nests! One of your readers told me they found me through you!

    FuN! Have a great weekend!

  5. M, I think you know I like this post... the title, the ribbon with your nest...cute. Happy for good things and sorry for the sadness.

  6. :)I still have ribbon too..I shared a wee bit ..cause it was an eggcellent match!
    But saved some ..for me.
    Thank you..Cathe.. I am happy to share your site..I have already learned so much!
    Susan.. you can make one too:) Pink or blue.. some eggs MUST be pink..somewhere in the world!
    Kate..I am glad you loved the site too.. Creative girls.. you all are!

  7. Love the little nest :-) Robins egg blue!

  8. Monique,
    I am looking at your past posts tonight and had to leave a comment on this one regarding Natasha Richardson. She has been one of my favorite actresses for quite some time (I believe the first movie I saw her in was about Mary Shelley very long ago). The news touched me too and has stuck with me for days. She was a wonderful humanitarian and I just wanted to share my feelings with you as I you had shared here. I am glad you had some very pleasing news on this day too. That's what life is and in enjoying each moment as we don't know what will happen and mustn't take things for granted. Gee, next time I shall email you! xo~Tracie