Monday, March 2, 2009

Saucisson au Chocolat et aux Figues~Dolci~

As soon as I saw this ..and it's recipe..I knew I had to make it.
I just watched Josée Di Stasio's CDs from her trip to Italy..and just perused yet another cookbook of hers..
I was already such a fan of JDS
But now that I have watched the DVD's of her trip to Italy..even more so.
The concept of this simple recipe pleased me in so many ways..
The trompe l'oeil aspect of it..most of all~

It looks like a saucisson ..meat:) .. charcuterie:)
But it's a dessert!Well actually.. a.. Dolci~

A mixture of chocolate(bittersweet 70%),a little butter.. lots of chopped dried figs, chopped pistachio nuts or almonds.. and a little bit of Rice Krispies.. and.. le tour est joué!

After you mix roll into a tight log that you chill.. then toss in icing sugar and tie the way a butcher ties a roast..Slice .. and savour~

Delectable little bittersweet coins.

I am a fan~

You can also wrap the saucisson as a gift in parchment or Butcher's Paper..

Here is a translation of the recipe..

For 2 "Saucissons"...

120 g (4 ozs)chocolate 70% dark (Bittersweet) I used Callebaut
30 g (3 tbps) butter
27 g(1 Cup) pistachios..coarsely chopped..or almonds..
27 g (1 Cup) Rice Krispies
165 g( 1- 1/2 Cups )of dried chopped figs
2 tbsps icing sugar

In the microwave or in a bain-marie..melt chocolate and butter..incorporate the next ings except for the icing sugar.. roll into a log ap. 2 inches in diameter..

...ap 6 inches long..

Press tightly when making the rolls so they do not break when you will eventually slice..

Refrigerate 3-4 hrs.
Unwrap the rolls and place individually in a Baggie w/ the icing sugar.. shake..

Tie Butcher style..

At the time of serving w/ a bread knife,slice in ap 3/8 inch slices..

MY notes..
I halved the I made 1 log..To make sure we liked it..
I did not crush my Rice Krispies..I have searched the net and saw that one person suggested it would be better.I like them the way they are:)

DO press tightly.. a firm firm boudin is necessary.
I used 3/4 cup of the chopped dried figs.. for my 1/2 recipe..And the next slices showed many more pistachios:) I just did not want to slice off too many pieces before sharing the photos with you.
These would make sweet gifts. I really like the look of them..the taste of them..and what you are seeing here is what you get:)with minimum effort~


  1. I love the look of this, Monique. I'm hoping you can post an English version of the recipe, please?! Beautiful photo, as always!

  2. can you send one my way? yum.

  3. I just wanted to stop by and say "hello". I've just discovered your blog and I've fallen in love with your photographs and recipes!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. thanks for the recipe, i bet i would eat it before i made it cute...

  5. I love this, Monique...
    Thanks so much!

  6. This is a cute idea. How do you eat it...just as a slice as in a piece of fudge, or do you serve it with something?

  7. Looks really good and IMO something to do with Rice Krispies!

    I'll have to try this sometime.

  8. Thank you~ Just slice and serve like a cookie.. You could serve with ice cream..nice on a saucer w/ an espresso:)

    AC..I love all the acorn touches at your home..And the Springlike Convertible drive!We all need it.

  9. I love this! I can't wait to make this for my next wine and cheese party. Thank you for sharing the idea and instructions. I love your blog. :)

  10. Monique, thank you so much for posting the recipe in English. Can't wait to try this.

  11. Very interesting Monique. You make the neatest things!

  12. What a delicious-sounding recipe and cute presentation! I remember that wonderful minestrone recipe of hers also. I can see why you like her so much!

  13. You know what's funny, mon ami? I actually understood the word: Saucisson. Yey Me.

    Vive la Chocolat!

    Perfect, in more ways than one.

  14. Hmmm...defenitely booked marked!

    my 1st time here, and I love it :)

  15. Cute idea! You did a great job with it.

  16. I'm so happy to have made it over to get the recipe. I will have to search my specialty markets for the dried figs.
    I'm so happy to be a new Darling.

    Sweet Wishes,

  17. hi, I want to make this but i am not sure how much rice krispies and pistachios i am supposed to use. it says 27 g but then 1 cup for each, which seems off, so should I follow the 1 cup instructions?

  18. Hi Monique, I've been catching up on your lovely blog. This petit saucisson is adorable and sounds delicious. I always get a kick out of trompe l'oiel food.

  19. This looks delicious but the real point of my comment is: I LOVE the little stars that shower down when I move my cursor around. Yea for showering stars!