Monday, March 16, 2009

Super quick super delish~

One of our favorites..Carbonara.

I am not a purist..I add peas.. and I don't like runny eggs so mine are done.
We love it this way..they finish cooking in the warmed plates to perfection for us.
I've tried pancetta many many times.. we still prefer bacon:)

So I guess it's a wannabe carbonara..but that's the way.. "ah ha ah ha" ..we like it:)

I like using the microplane now in a rush for the actual making of the table we use the regular grater..


  1. I call it "American Carbonara" -- I make it with bacon as well. Either way it is a good quick dish!

  2. Aha, Aha, I like it!!

    Happy cherub sitting!

  3. Aha, Aha, I like it too!

    Cute post and I always enjoy everything you write.

  4. That looks delicious M! I like it just the way you make it.

  5. I could eat something like that every day! There's something about Italian cooking that is always so appealing. Yummy post!

  6. I LOVEEE Carbonara! Yum! Bacon and pancetta are about the same right? Thanks for the comment on my macarons, yours look pretty too! I'm not sure if you made pistachio or almond, but I think its easier with almond for some reason. I tried a pistachio one that completely bombed, but the recipe was quite different. Yours still look good, especially with the nutella! Best of luck next time!