Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beautiful EVOO~

Oh my gosh..I had misplaced this bottle..Thank goodness I found it! Jacques and I tend to buy Olive Oil more than wine almost..
This one is so dear to me!It was offered to us in Umbria by the olive grower and EVOO maker himslef.. accompanying a bottle of wine..beside a dish covered in a beautiful mosquito net tent that enclosed a cake..home made jam.. farm fresh eggs..

Time to consume!

I am even late at it..but it has been in a dark cool place ..

M and N came for lunch today..perfect day for the quiche crusts I had blind baked 2 days ago and kept chilled.. and a salad w/ oranges..beets and EVOO~

Tiny things..well not tiny like minis.. but small... smaller than a bread dish..

I spread the crust w/ a roasted pepper tartinade.. It was really good~Hit the spot..

I am a quiche girl though..and although J is a real man:) He does eat quiche..

Noah is such a good good baby!Soon he will tell me what he likes and does not like.. and before I know it.. he will be leaving Dinosaurs in our bathroom like his cousins Lucas and Max too:)


  1. I'm a quiche girl too. Of course, any vegetable in perfectly baked pastry with a custard . . . does it get any better than that?

  2. Thats a precious commodity. I know you will enjoy it. Your quiche looks great!

  3. Looks absolutely delicious Monique...
    I especially love the dinosaur part!

  4. Now that's special EVOO! I am still waitng to meet Rachel in the evoo aisle here, but no luck yet!
    Your quiche looks delicious...I made one too. for tomorrow's Foodie Fri..
    M does not like it...I tell him it's calzone without the pizza dough!
    Have you shopped for Easter for the boys yet??
    L's bday is the 21st, then I will think Easter...
    First, the 17th! ♣

  5. I should not come and look at such delicious food so soon before dinner! I am starving now. It looks wonderful. I'm so happy your found your special EVOO - whew!