Thursday, March 19, 2009


I took this photo while in Provence.. because my daughter's mother-in-law IS named France.. and I thought.. she really could have her own Café..That's how good a cook she is:)

I saw 2 ..with her name written all over them..~At least!
We have eaten at her home many times and every time the food is exquisite.
She has a flair..the flair her son inherited..:)

They could both chalk up their own menus and be Top Chefs..I know I have said that before:)

She doesn't even know I have a don't think this is to flatter her:)Or flatterer.:)

Every menu throughout Italy and France that we saw held magic for me:)
I remember so much..and so little..a whirlwind!
When they brought the fresh ingredients to our table to the humblest of restos..I was in awe.

However.. we do eat fabulously well here also..
Case in point.. not 6 months later..France.. my daughter's France.. now runs a faculty club dining room.She IS the chef.. not even a sous-chef and sometimes over 30 guests are in her dining room.A beautiful sunny room facing the water..

We recently went for lunch for our first time with our daughter and wondered why we waited so long..True.. we were away and busy..and really never go out..But still...

Everything was absolutely delicious..Our first course were Escargots..her garlic butter.. not that rich heavy..why did I eat those escargots way..
This version is light and flavorful and delicious..
I now call them "Escargots France"~.. They marinate in wine.. Evoo.. garlic.. Herbes de Provence .. spring green onions..chopped fresh tomatoes..The freshest escargots you will ever taste!

Topped with cheese.. broiled.. Dip your bread..and le tour est joué.. you are in France!

We give them 5 stars..and I have already made lunch reservations at France's Resto for J's bday.

It is really really fun when you know the chef and she sits at your table:) And shares the recipe.

We had a big Caesar's salad here for accompany the escargots..and it was just enough.

I must confess we ate far more at the resto.. the other coup de coeur was the Maple Syrup Creme Brulee.It's maple Syrup time here.. and it elevated Maple Syrup to another degree..


  1. Tip top post, M... I should not come to your blog before breakfast. I'm starving and would happily have those escargot even in the morning! Looks delicious.

  2. I always love your photos of France. They start me dreaming! Escargot .... how long has it been since I've had those? Too long...........

  3. Oh Monique your pics take me there...
    just lovely!

  4. You have been blessed to have so many wonderful cooks and food lovers in your family! It must be an aura around all of you ;) Lovely photos!

  5. Thanks for you kind words..Susan..I know you have a Top Chef too:)

  6. Beautiful photos of France and that you even thought of your France in your family while there. I just love coming here to see what you share.

  7. Thank you so much for visiting my blog...your blog is fabulous. The Escargot souunds wonderful...I will be back again & again & again.