Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitchen Geraniums~

Actually they are office geraniums but I brought a bloom home..Little touch of red in the kitchen always adds joy~
My husband's Birthday today..and we are going to France's resto for lunch~
I am bringing my camera:)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDDAY MR M!!! your pic is darling~

    i know you love the resto, it will be a super day!

    gosh time flies, i can't seam to remember a thing now...

    please tell j the happiest of days to him and i hope the alpha boys are doing better~

  2. C'est BEAU!! Vous êtes bénis avec une grande créativité. :)

    Joyeux, joyeux anniversaire à J, ont une très belle célébration, mon ami! Même anniversaire que mon meilleur ami d'enfance. Les bonnes personnes sont nées ce jour-là.


  3. Happy Birthday to Jacques! I hope is day is wonderful and filled with lots of hugs from L, M & N!

    I look forward to seeing what you capture with your camera today at lunch...I know it will be magic!

  4. What a lovely photo, Monique. And a big happy birthday wish to your hubby. Hope you both have a very nice day.

  5. Happy birthday to your husband...very happy birthday.

    p.s. you give good overlay girl.

    I'm in love with your photography.
    Especially photography with such obvious heart...

  6. Happy Birthday to Jacques! I'm certain you had a lovely lunch.

    Lovely digital artwork :)

  7. I told J of your lovely wishes~
    I thank Playing With Brushes for all the textures..:) The birdie and words I am so sorry I forget..:(
    Kate..It is I that humbly says I love YOUR photography.
    We had a lovely lunch..I'll get some pics posted tomorrow..

    Calls from the girls.. a S-I-L.. a cocktail with a friend.. a beautiful sunny day..His family dinner is Saturday~
    My best friend loved his day~
    Thanks everyone!

  8. Happy birthday to J, and happy celebration Sat!
    Many more healthy years!

  9. Happy Birthday to J! Wishing him a special year :-)

  10. Happy Birthday Jacques. Sorry I'm late in my birthday wishes but it is still March 24th here on the west coast of Canada.