Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pie Weights~

I hope Lulu doesn't mind~ I couldn't find my pie weights and needed to blind bake.I had bought him new spring marbles..


They work great.

I don't think I will go back to my others when I find them..


  1. so cute, you NEEDED to bake...love the pic~

    prayers all is well...

  2. Monique, I love L's new spring marbles. I can imagine all the fun he'll have with them. Lots of things an imaginative little boy (or Nana) can do with them. It's also very nostalgic for those of us a certain age.

  3. Great idea. Never thought to use marbles.

  4. I find them so photogenic too! That is a great idea. They didn't crack in the heat?

  5. How clever!!! I never would have thought of that. Your blog is gorgeous!!! The food is amazing and the pics are fantastic!!! I look forward to seeing them everyday!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  6. Excellent idea!
    I usually use dried beans...but we have lots of marbles here...including the ones I have lost!LOL...
    I must try this!

  7. I have just come across your lovely blog and enjoyed my visit thank you.

    What a great idea for pie weights - I have used some beans which I store in a tupperware for such a long time and need to replace them.

    Your photos are lovely.


  8. I never heard of pie weights. What is the purpose?

    I love thos marbles. I would have a ball photographing them.

  9. Very clever, Monique. Sometimes I skip the weights and then get big bubbles in the crust or the side collapses. I must have some marbles around here someplace.

  10. They sure make for a pretty picture! I too thought they would crack like Susan said. I think we made a craft when I was young where we heated marbles and then dumped them in a sink of water and they cracked all over. Be careful...just in case.

  11. smart idea... I will think of that next time, when I need to bake blind. Greatings A.

  12. Thanks for your nice thoughts..

    The wee one is fine:)

    Oh I remember baking marbles at high temps when I was young ..I loved the crackled look:) I played marbles so much when little!

    No.. I blind bake at ap 400..w/ foil and no harm done..I pour the marbles off the foil into the recipient when cooled..and all is well.Hope the same goes for any of you rying~
    I bought Lulu brand new marbles today..
    Sadly..they are all the same color?
    What happened to the fancy kaleidescope marbles of my youth!?
    I will be on a mission now..
    I'll never go back to pie weights..
    These are like "Viewmaster" fun in the kitchen.

    A.. the purpose of pie weights is to pre-bake a crust so it retains it's shape and doesn't get soggy..I was using puff pastry and making quiche..the idea of an egg/cheese/ cream/herb mixture on raw dough.. didn't appeal to me..this way the sides stayed perky and the bottom was drier..
    You just pre-bake..this method helps the dough keep a nice form.. when partially baked.. you add your liquidish mixture and bake..
    And all falls right into the "pretty rule:) "..
    Again thanks for the concern...

  13. I haven't seen marbles in years! Now I will have to look for them for ME..Declan would think they were food! :)
    Glad all is well..