Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Saturday~

Weather wise~

Beau! Beau! Beau!
I have been playing with Brushes and Backgrounds and Layers in Photoshop..
"PlayingWithBrushes"has the dreamiest textures..I am grateful for her textures and will try and email her..
I played with France this week~

The Plumbago growing beside the entrance door was sublime!

And another door I loved..(There are 1000's)..was this quaint photographer's studio..again I am using a PlayingWithBrushes Texture..using it as a layer..

The lace w/ the writing is so special to me..

Anyway..France always reminds me of fabulous bread..
So I baked some bread this morning and nestled it in my Provence teatowel..
It felt right at home~

I was just craving the aroma in the house with the sun streaming in..

It was unseasonably nice..and although we still have lots of snow I was able to prune many group 3 Clematis..Walking ON snowbanks!
Sadly..The easter bunny came early and pruned many of my group favorite..Blue Bird is a goner:(Twice..I have 2!..So no show this year..It's my best blue Clematis..
It made me sad..

But Jacques got Spring ready in the garage and that made me happy..
Every year the swing count grows.
That's what I am most grateful for.Those beautiful little faces..

3 swings now..I just need to get the plaque that says: "NOAH"~
Some are just chairs..not that the wee ones bask in the sunlight relaxing.. but.. they are heirlooms for them:)


  1. How did I guess that the texture with the writing would be your favorite ;)

    Our minds must have been thinking alike as I played with textures this past week too! Photoshop is so much fun and I'm sure I don't know half of what it is capable of doing.

    Beau Pan de Provence!

  2. It is fun to play with PhotoShop! Unfortunately, my experiments don't yield such lovely results!! Très belle, Monique!

    Your bread looks wonderful, too. I can just imagine the aromas wafting through your home. C'est délicieux! :)

  3. Lovely pics M....I do not have photoshop so I have never had the fun of manipulating any of my pics...I will have to look into getting it. Your pictures always have such a beautiful aura....
    Fabulous bread!

  4. Thanks Girls!

    Linda..Have you tried Picnik?Photo manipulation at it's best for free:) You will love it..go see..Susan..I don't know many things either.I just know I love doing it instead of TV at night!

    You need to know:) With le petit bébé arriving!
    Lori..if there is anything I happen to appear to know..that you don't think you know..ask! I like sharing..everyone else too!

  5. The swings are wonderful! Such fun..
    The bread looks wonderful..
    Foley is taking classes in Photo shop and learning wonderful things..

  6. Monique, I always show Moe your photos and when I showed him your latest he said that your photos were "like a lovely fairy tale".

  7. sweet is that Moe of yours?

    A keeper..

    Kathleen I hope you are learning from must be fun..!