Saturday, February 7, 2009


Not Frédérick,one of our DSIL's..but Fred..
I've mentioned this trademark name before.. the little finger appetizer plates?

I think the little Ring Bling I received as a gift is the same make too:)
I blame this aquisition on Ricardo ..and my meeting his stylist that fateful day in one of Montreal's coolest little stores..Motivo

I had seen them in the latest issue of Ricardo..and there they were..and then I was chatting with the nice young man stylist and he said they were cool pun intended~:)
So..they came home with us..
I am going to make a lovely pom granita one day(Thank you!)..
But today I tried a small.. shrimp cocktail for avant~ lunch:)

It's a cloudy miz day here.. so I thought a little sunshine in the form of coral would help..

A little spot of homemade cocktail sauce..and some lemon grass..I like cocktail sauce so much I use it as dressing too..
It's the horseradish etc..

The sauce stays cool.. the shrimp do too..
I just think the shooters are too cute.
Any additional ideas would be appreciated~

The above photo courtesy of the Fred site~

Ricardo suggested using them as real shooters for outdoor winter drinks here.
It's always cold enough for them to retain their shape..
They remind me of my winter ice lanterns..
I saw in this issue of Food And Drink.. new larger ice molds with different serving suggestions are now available through a different company.They looked really nice also.
You can find the whole line of products hereFred


  1. M, you always find the neatest foodie items. I love what you did with them... the shrimpies are adorable! I always say you make a pretty life. You do!

  2. Monique, I completely agree with Ricardo's stylist. ... They are cool ... way too cool!

    We love shrimp cocktail and I love the cocktail sauce that John makes ... just the right amount of horseradish and cayenne.

    I remember the appetizer rings ... also too cute. (Even if Jay Leno made fun of them.)

    Pretty pictures ... I just HAD to click on your bowl to see what it said.

  3. Very cute, or kewl..:)

    I have to go check his site..

    I loved ice lanterns you made...those were way kewl...

  4. How cute they are! So you fill the form with water and freeze them to make the 'shooter'? I love the idea.

    I think the shrimp cocktail was a perfect use for them. Any granita or sorbet would be perfect also. You could even fill them with juice to make colored shooter shapes - I think I know some young ones that would love that idea :)

  5. I just clicked on the store link...Gin and Titonic - LOL! What a hoot. I love the batter finger too.

  6. These are way too cool! Especially for my "Shooters" group!!
    M, you always scope out the neatest things..

  7. How charming :-) And I could goggle those up!

  8. They are fun..Thanks Susan for the ideas..Yes.fill the form and done.

    Colored juice shapes sound great too..Imagine all the sticky fingers:) Just wait:)

    Thanks ladies.. I am craving more shrimp cocktail as I type..

  9. What "cool" little shooters, I have to go check out that link.

  10. I really do wish I had your creativity with food.

    I surely do!

  11. So sweet Monique!

    I have those, too ~ but I love the way you put them to use so elegantly.

    Very nice!!! xo~m.

  12. What a great way to serve little shots of gazpacho come summer. Thanks for drawing my attention to this. I've found these in a shop in my area and am off to buy them.