Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Nite Tapas~

Saturday night we had a fabulous lasted all night~

I had to be at the office Sunday early and Jacques said..WFD?:)

We thought simple..easy ..quick..
Ann often makes a variation of this and her photos are to live for :)

Shrimp Tapas..

I love it..and Jacques loves it even more.. He made a fresh loaf of bread while I was at the office to accompany it..

Dipping the bread in the garlic/olive oil cooking juices is heavenly~
By candlelight..even nicer..

Soon the time will change and it will be daylight at dinner..

More time for friends~And Family... the garden..eating al fresco! Soon! Well soon enough..
But...I plan on savouring what is left of this restful winter time..
Believe it or not~

This recipe is a cinch.. nice little oven proof cazuelas..shrimp..garlic.. olive oil.. and whatever additional add-ons you love..bake until the shrimp turns pink..not long..and then just dip .. munch..and savour~
Another thing I love..postmarks~
On letters..on tags..on matches..on stamps.. on and now on candles~


  1. Your shrimp and garlice sound heavenly, and with homemade bread to soak up the juices, what could be better?

    So yummy and delicious. My favorite kind of food.

  2. Oh my. I love tapas but never make them. I don't know why. Can I come over? :)

  3. Fresh bread and shrimp sounds heavenly! I love your friendship candle and the postmarked boxes (especially the bird nest!).

    Have a great day, my friend.

  4. Mon ami, your sexy meal lasted all night long?

    How long does it take to eat Shrimp Tapas and bread dipped in olive oil, by candlel...ight....ohhh...never mind.

    Btw, I love your cazuela; I've been meaning to get one for several years now. I'm slow.

  5. Ambrosial...the key word for me is "oven proof." :-) I have been contemplating oven-cooked shrimp. This recipe looks, and sounds, divine.

  6. The best...the dipping the bread in the juices, so good!
    Lovely meal, Monique!
    And yes, I find winter restful from all the garden chores, and anticipation to when we can get out here again..

  7. Monique, a visually beautiful post ... tapas are a favorite of ours, or at least mine.

    I much prefer small amounts of SEVERAL things than I main dish.

    Dipping bread in the juices sounds heavenly.

  8. What can I say that the others haven't?

    oh wait I know...

    I'm moving in.


  9. M, Perfect all nighter, eh???
    Simplicity can be so elegant!!

  10. Thanks everyone..The all eveninger:) was at my girlfriends with Raclette:)