Sunday, February 8, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons:)

Make Lemonade! Or lemon muffins and lemon cake!

Life has not given me lemons this week.. but one of my daughters is struggling w/ skin rashes on her baby.. and a camera dropped in a bowl of water:(
So I think.. she has lemons this week..But is handling it.. so well!
No lemons here..apart for our concern for her.

We had dinner out last night in a wonderful home..with a lovely hostess.
Great talk..and I spied a Paul Bocuse Cast Iron enameled pretty! Green:)
In fact everything there is pretty to me.
Eclectic.. european and tasteful.
Warm and inviting.
The sun was shining..I had 2 saved lemon recipes.. Not Meyers mind you..

Our ordinary 10 for $2.49!!!!! How could I resist?
I started with these newspaper recipe muffins because I loved the way the half lemon looked perched on them..they are good.They is a touch of Cinnamon and sugar on top too.

The plate is pretty cute too..
All the way from CalifornIa. Jain's California.
They are as tart as tart can be..

I halved the recipe..and made some smaller ones and 2 big ones.. not minis..just smaller..
The cake.. was average..nothing to write home about..but ..I thought it looked pretty in the matching plate in the sunshine of my Sunday~

Next will be a Key Lime Pie or Cheesecake on these pretty sunny CalifornIa plates.


  1. its always so beautiful here, and as tart as a tart can be makes me smile so wide~ just love your artistic ways. i hope n is doing well. its a new day, a new dawn~

  2. I love to smell lemons.

    And I could thanks to your photographs.

    Lovely, just lovely.

  3. Monique, it's a gray day here and it was lovely to come to your blog and see your wonderful lemon post.

    Nothing says sunshine more to me than lemons and limes.

    Gorgeous photos..

    Your mention of Paul Bocuse Cast Iron enameled pot sounded familiar. I googled it and found that Caplan-Duval sells them. About 4 years ago, I ordered several pieces of Le Creuset from Caplan-Duval. They provided good customer service. I looked around their site and discovered they no longer carry Le Creuset. :(

  4. Wow, what a bright and cheery post, M. Those lemons would make any grey day sunny. The muffins with the lemon slices on top are fascinating. I hope you share the recipe. All perfect with the matching plates. Pretty! Of course your DD is handling it well, she has your genes! ;-) Sure hope the week improves for her and that the baby is feeling better soon.

  5. It is foggy & very windy here and we are waiting for a predicted sleet storm to start, so I just burst into a huge smile seeing this post! The lighting on the first shot feels like sunshine on my face (you know that feeling?). I love the lemon slice muffins too...would you please share the recipe.
    Best wishes to your daughter & baby N!

  6. M, that first photo really caught my the lighting! The little muffins look delicious!

    Even when life gives you lemons, you always have to remember there's always something brighter and sweeter ahead!!

  7. Oh those look good!
    I can't think of Lemons without thinking about the bounty Jain shared with us..So juicy!

    I hope N is better! So many bugs going around, and the little ones are like magnets for them..
    Lovely post, Monique..
    I haven't cooked lately...

  8. Gorgeous Monique!

    Wish I could reach into the monitor and direct that fork right into my mouth!

    :) xo~m.

  9. What a lovely 'jaune' post, Monique, like the warmth of summer.

  10. Cynthia we have a CD here..maybe?:)

    All my neighbour's things are precious and and loved.I thought it may be ancient:)

    Happy to know there is hope..for maybe one day..
    I just loved the name of course..the shape..the knob.
    Maybe she has a lot to do with waht I liked also.
    Do you find that ? I find that if the person is warm and real and interesting..I find what he or she likes interesting also most times.

    I hope N is better soon too..He is such a good baby.And I am giving M my Canon.. until hers dries up if ever it does:(
    Barb..I'll be in touch soon.
    I'll be blogging tomorrow afternoon and will check up on everyone..
    Kate I already loved your peppers~:)
    Thanks for the good wishes re Noah..and the lemony comments~
    I think we do all love lemons.
    Just my Caroline.. not a big fan!

  11. These are such pretty and unique lemon muffins. The lemon slice cooked right in is something I've never seen. Nice!

  12. When life gives me lemons, I'll send them up to you. You certainly know what to do with them.

    Even a plain ol' lemon can become an art form in your hands.