Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cantuccini di Prato...

At this beautiful blogI saw the cutest little cantuccinis.. sort of small biscottis..

They are so delicious and received thumbs up from Jacques and one of my DD's that had some w/ espresso today..

I used the Google Translator:)..and well..although I am grateful for's sometimes hard to understand..
Here is what I did..I halved the recipe from the original..that follows..

This is a version of the original..the way I understood it..

450 g 00 flour(the one I use for pasta)

350 g sugar
2 whole eggs
3 egg yolks
1 whole egg for glazing the cookies
3/4 package of yeast for sweets..(I had bought some in Italy)
50 g tepid melted butter
grated rind of an orange(mmmm..)
pinch of salt
250 g lightly toasted shelled but not skinned almonds.

1. mix flour and yeast..set aside your mixer..beat the 2 eggs and 3 yolks with the sugar add your pinch of salt and beat until white.flavor with butter and grated zest.

3.Add the flour mixture and almonds afterwards..

4.Roll into logs ap 3 fingers wide 1 finger thick..

Bake at 350-400F for 30 mins
Remove and cool a bit..slice at an angle.. like for biscotti
Bake again at ap 200 for 10 mins..turn..bake again for 10 mins..
Delicious Cantuccinis:)

Do visit her site..the photos and recipes are just wonderful!

Last November..while being on holiday in Florida.. My friend Jain..sent me that beautiful dish w/ the tulips:) Finally tulips bloom! And I can put it to it's highest and best use!


  1. Monique, you always find the best blogs. Thank you for providing an English version. As always your photos are 'magnifique'.

  2. Beautiful Monique....
    I would love one with some espresso right now!

  3. They look good...I just bought a kitchen scale with helps..
    Neighbor brought us a bottle of Italian champagne, biscotti from a shop in NYC and it had almonds in the box, candy covered. She said it was called was our 39th anniv Sat and she told us to celebrate the Italian way!
    I don't drink, so I will save it for company to enjoy!
    They just got back from Italy..they go every year...