Friday, May 15, 2009

It's That Time Of Year Here~

When we are lucky enough to have lobster..delicious Maritime lobster~

The way we eat to steam them..Jacques is in charge of that..

Ap 13 mins.. it took for the 3 we had yesterday.. we accompany them with garlic butter and rice..It's a messy messy meal to eat..but worth every splash and dribble:)

They are fun little subjects to photo also~
I couldn't decide which was the I took all of them.. chose this one to share~

We will have it maybe 3 times during this season.. We kept 2 claws for a seafood salad..but the rest we ate straight away~

I bought them at Loblaws..I like the poissonnerie gentlemen there.Helpful as can be.

Not quite this décor as in Cassis.. but le service? The same:)


  1. I love, love, LOVE lobster!! HOWEVER..., I've never cooked a whole one. Maybe this is the year... You've inspired, once again, Monique! Beautiful photo of the little fellow. ;)

  2. It looks like that lobster had it's boxing gloves on...I love that pic! Our local grocery store will steam lobsters upon request when you buy them...makes enjoying them a lot easier!

  3. The gentleman offered to cook them:) J loves doing it:)How could I take that pleasure from him? I don't even look.
    I take before and after shots..(I like after) they look better w/ rouge:)

    I never noticed the white teeth before I actually took their photos:)

    Happy dentists I am sure:)

  4. Beautiful Monique...they are on sale this week in one of my markets for $5.99 per pound...I will be getting a few and I usually make lobster rolls out of the leftovers...I always used to cook them myself...but now I let the market do it. I pick them up, steaming hot come home, unwrap the paper and go to work! Drawn butter and my fingers...could not be better!