Monday, May 18, 2009

Soul Food #3~

Nothing like it..we watched a home movie Jacques made at Easter..such a short memory ago..and nothing is Green!! Now.. a little while is happening!


Geraniums in pots~

Bleeding Hearts~




Even the Fairies.. are happy~

From Blogger Pictures

Elles chuchotent des secrets:)

Makes me want to watch The Secret Garden again~

We have had rain and cold after all this.. But still it all looks great to me:)

and him...

The real one.. is annoying me though:)

No matter how cute his cottontail:)


  1. I love your blog always make me smile!

  2. Me, too! I echo Linda's sentiments. :)

    It always amazes me that your gardens come back as beautiful as ever after being buried under all of that snow each winter.

    Your love of gardening is quite apparent, the special touches here and there make it all that more enchanting. It's so delightful to visit with you, M. xo

  3. M, you make spring look so pretty.

  4. It really does seem like heaven when spring comes after our long winter~ Thanks ladies..It's fun to share gardens:)

    A different type of food:)

    Have a great evening~

  5. Frost warning for here tonight! But soon I can plant..
    And yes, cute, but annoying like the deer...They have cost me a lot of money! :(