Thursday, May 28, 2009

Painting Bread 101~

I have been admiring some painted breads on the net..
And wondering how can I do it too?:)

I pondered..
and pondered..
I came home from work early..1.30 and thought I would try what I thought may work..
I made a very simple bread recipe in the bread machine.. let it go through the dough cycle for 1.5 hrs..took it out..formed 2 "boules"~
And let them rise only 1/2 in QC.. in really cool temps..
So not nearly enough..but then I played..

And it works..

What I tried....

I took an egg white.. and mixed it w/ a touch of water and some brown gel food coloring.. next time ..I would use liquid coloring..then I painted.. time I will REHEARSE!!!

But still..I liked the result..

After the initial baking..I glazed the breads w/ beaten egg was glossy and speckled w/ Kosher salt:) But the light bounced off the glaze..:( And looked too shiny for my little blog:) Too glam:)
So these are the pre ~facelift pics...

I made honey butter to accompany it.. we had salmon trout and a really good Orzo salad w/ mint and tomatoes and cheese from the lovely blog I found here..

Because of this lovely blogger..

In my next life..I would love her last name:)

Flowers..Imagine that.

And to my artist blogging friends..imagine your possibilities~ Show me:)


  1. Too PRETTY to eat!

    It's a work of art Mme. Magical Monique ~ absolutely lovely. Your wonderful talents never cease to amaze!!! Astounding.


  2. Another pretty venue for your creative talents! It's like the painted cookies though, it would hard for me to eat them afterward. What a lovely idea for a ladies luncheon - or shower ;)

  3. I've never heard of painted bread before - this looks amazing! I will try it (though I'm not nearly as artistic as you are, dear Mme. M!) Thank you for the inspiration once again. I'm off to visit the blogs you recommended to see what other cuisine défis I can find!

  4. wow how creative, this looks so nice, pity to eat it :)

  5. I have never seen painted bread before, but it looks so pretty! I definitely want to try this.

  6. It's beautiful, Monique. I'm going to have to show my husband since he's the baker in the family. He made your macaron recipe which turned out fantastic by the way! I think you've got me hooked on another food blog... Off I go to take another look. Have a great rest of your week and weekend.

  7. A pretty good recipe and a nice bread that does one thing, in the eating of happiness

  8. Oh this is right up my alley- one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I'm totally trying it!

  9. Beautiful bread! I am not an artist, at all...
    I think I might try painting over a stencil, and hoping the egg mixture does not spread easily.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Well done! I've been doing this for years and I love to see someone else do it too! Little different from mine without food coloring, but the food color works and your bread looks great.

  11. Here are some of my painted breads for ou to see too..

  12. Oh, the possibilities!! I have a graduation party coming up and this could be perfect for graduation wishes!

    Once again thanks for the great inspiration...your creation is absolutely charming. You are quite the artist with all of your other talents!

    Always a pleasure to see what you're up to!


  13. Chef Tess yours were one of the first ones I spotted with your beautiful painted breads but I could not figure out your I googled and googled to no avail.
    This worked..I thought I could eventually use all natural color like beets etc..Just starting out here..:)
    Tracie I am looking forward to a very Chippy Romantically beautiful vintage looking loaf:)Nestled in lace in a French Wire Basket:)

    Gale..I tried with the stencil ..basically the flower was on a stencil..but the egg is too mix too liquidy so I gave up on the stencil and preferred the freeform.Not to say I won't try my Fairy Stencil one day.
    Mary, Susana , Diane and Lori..I thought of you 4 of course and what beauties you would create!

    I hope you all share what you do..if you we can all learn together.
    Thanks Tess!Beautiful... I just can't figure yours out yet:)

    Thanks very much Sara Sara and Snooky..Hope you try..They'll be great I am certain.It is fun..and you will see it's easier than we think.

  14. Thank you. You are right on track with the bake/paint/bake method--I know I mentioned that I bake the coloring after. Perfect with the food coloring. I don't use as much egg white to extract on the natural stuff. I'm ready to share the painting method. I was just asked to start doing some cooking TV segments. I think I will do it there first and then post a video.

  15. Hi Tess..I painted before baking..that was wrong?

    I can't wait for your video..plse let us know!I am canadian and don't have your TV programs all the time!
    Your breads are gorgeous!

  16. How could it be wrong?! It looks great! You have a method that works. Generally I do bake until 165 degrees internal temp then paint then bake to set the paint. Your colors will stay more true. Give it a shot. The wonderful thing about the internet is that we can post videos. I will be sure to let you in on it when I do so. Love your work my dear!

  17. Thanks for being inspired by my orzo dish. Every time I come to your blog, the word I think of is "ambience." I'm going to add you to my blog roll, so I don't miss anything!

  18. It looks wonderful you can add "words" you love them on towels etc..
    Very creative..

  19. Thanks again Tess..Ninette and Kathleen:)

  20. another wonderful idea. Ur amazing! m bookmarking this in addition to the beautiful....hope u dont mind me posting all these on my blog as well?!?
    tq so much for sharing...I have 4 sweet grandkids myself...2 girls and 2 boys.