Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morelly Beautiful and Earthy~

One day at work this week..I found a morel at a client's home..I was so excited..she knew where to find more and found 2 others for me. would have thought I found the moon~

I brought them home tenderly and a clean paper towel.. and admired them..
Little marvels of nature..

Lilliputian trees:)

I read up on them and decided to soak them overnight in water w/added salt..To add to a Friday night omelet..:)

I only had 3..:)

Each one beautiful..each one different~

Don't you agree little fairy trees?

The end result was really good.. we like omelets..But i wish I had 23..not 3:)

I added a wonderful recipe ... a medley of peas I found at Sara's Kitchen..

and the medley is like a James Taylor medley:) Have I mentioned I love him?~

Sugar Snap peas,Snow peas and Butter peas..the symphony in the background is the bacon! Keeper recipe!

Thank you Sara..


  1. quelles splendides photos! biises micky

  2. I love your creative photography, Monique, and your beautiful way with words. You paint an image in our minds and then fill in the blanks with your wonderful photos. Gorgeous!

  3. Hi Monique,

    What playful shots! My goal for this year is to be more playful with my food photography, you pull it off elegantly!

    Just three little morels, sighh we always wish we had more. I've already attempted to hunt for them this year with no luck. I'll have to settle for $20 a pound at my local Co-Op.


  4. Oh Monique it is such a joy to know you. So whimsical. You always make me smile.

  5. Loved your post and the photos with the Lilliputian trees. I'm just about to post something on morels that I was given too.

  6. Morels are certainly gorgeous! I'm fortunate enough to have some growing in my backyard.

  7. Laura your beautiful photos attracted me to your blog en premier lieu!

    No room for any change:)

    Brilynn..what a wonderful surprise to see you peeking at the morels.
    When I first discovered Food Blogs not that long ago..It was certainly you one of the first.You are so talented! I would send your site to friends to see:)

    It's true..

    I'm glad you all think Morels are pretty cute too!
    It's a nice little meeting of people who share similar interests this virtual kitchen/garden.Thanks!.

  8. Monique...what beautiful and enchanting photos...lovely story, and your omelet with the peas looks so very, very good. I wish I had one this Sunday morning!


  9. Morels really are marvels of nature, and they taste so good too!