Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day~

Happy Mother's Day~

A Joyous Day~ Celebrating the ones we cherish~

It's a very special day..

I have a few special items I have collected over the years..some tea cups..a few serving plates.. frames with sentiments..things offered to me by my "Darling" daughters..

Books.. cards.. frames.. blankets:)
I love them all..
I made the beehive cake for Mother's Day lunch with my family.. and little cupcakes ..from a magazine I read while at one of my daughter's:)(I pocketed the recipe:))

I loved them.. because they had marshmallows on them and my grandsons love I thought the cake could be for the adults.. and the cupcakes for the kids..:) so let's add Sprinkles too:)

And let's serve them on a special platter:)

They look great on it:)

The flowers are made from mini marshmallows..rolled out..the cupcakes..I used a lemon loaf recipe.. I made a buttercream icing from the magazine.. and I had fondant already made for the base of the flower..the tiny fondant also.
I just know Max will lick the icing and eat the Sprinkles first!

I love that about him~

Mother's Day is bittersweet.. for one hundred years..I missed her like crazy every mother's day..


Lulu came along:)

The year my DD was expecting Lulu.. the kids offered me an Amélanchier..a Serviceberry.. for Mother's Day..Lulu is 3.. and since I have had the tree out my front blooms every Mother's Day~

There is no greater sign of hope..than a grandchild to love.. and a tree to see grow:)That came together!

They are a beautiful match for me..
Those little boys.. I have 3 now and one more on the way..have filled that little hole..that stayed with me for over 30 yrs..

I can still get sentimental..I am still like Kathleen Quinlan when she wrote about being a Motherless Daughter in an article my dear friend Jojo cut out for me..that I still have and read ..every once in a while..My friend's own mom..Auntie B..turned 80 this May 8th:) An amazing lady~..

.. But I have a new joie de vivre.. that I only a nana.. my heart at least..
I am so grateful to them:)It's love with a capital L w/ no strings.. no absolute responsibility of being their guide.. we are just their friends..and hopefully fun..:)
I LOVE that!
And they smile like puppies when they see us..who else does that and means it?:)
God Bless them..~

Even if time goes by.. and things don't sting as much..

Articles still bring feelings.. real life..

As this article did this week..I remember when he lost his mom..

I'll leave you with this article I read this week..

Of course I cried..There is no age stop missing your mom..

Like he.. Mr Boone... God I have Missed Her~


  1. You're such a warm and wonderful mother - it's easy to see in the way you write so lovingly about your children and grandchildren! Your own mother taught you well. What a wonderful legacy.

  2. Oh Monique, so beautiful. You have a Happy Mother's Day so sweet!

  3. A beautiful and touching post, Monique. Happiest Mother's Day wishes to you too. It's always a joy to read about your wonderful family.

    Love the cupcakes. My little grandchildren would lick off all the frosting and want me to add more.

  4. I read that article when it hit the front page on the internet Gazette the other day and, I felt the same way. I just miss my family back home. Beautiful post!

  5. What a bittersweet post, Monique. Thank goodness we have those girls and little ones (or little ones to be) in our lives. Your daughters are so caring - just like you ;)

    I adore the cupcake toppers! Who would have thought a mini marshmallow could look so pretty!

  6. Monique ... such a lovely post. You are a superb mother and Nana and I know how proud your mother would have been. Definitely heartbreaking to have lost your mother so young ... and can see how bittersweet Mother's Day was for you.

    Thank God for adorable, sweet little boys who have brought such joy into your life.

    When thinking of our little ones, I could echo many sentiments that you speak of when describing your "petits garçons" but cannot do it as eloquently.

    Happy Mother's Day

  7. Just stopped by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!!!


  8. What a sweet post M. How you come up with such on target comments, memories, the article....

    I enjoyed it all.

    Happy Mother's Day to a ver deserving daughter, mother and nana!

  9. Weeeeeping........I do love the idea of your tree. My Mum's VERY favorite flower was lilacs....I think I'd better plant one in her would be blooming every Mother's Day as well.....

    I'm so sorry about the loss of your Mom, and I'm glad your little grandbabies have helped to "fill the hole".....they do, don't they? It's just the best thing EVER!!

    Thanks for coming to visit!

    Blessings and hugs,