Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 24th~ Rose Day~

Roses De Reims~


There are no roses blooming in our gardens for my Darling Baker Rose Sunday..I chose les biscuits "Roses De Reims"..I was able to find some at La Vieille Europe in Montréal..

They are the quintessential "dip me in champagne" cookie and have quite a little history to them~

I personally just love the way they look~

Fossier~ Roses De Reims..

I have since discovered that many talented bloggers make their own..but I have yet to find the perfect "Moule" to make them in..I hope to!

I opted for little Roses De Reims Charlottes.. w/ a Cassis flavored Mousse inside..
Topped with whipped cream..

I would have hoped for real roses to adorn the dessert but we are still in the apple blossom days of Spring here and I don't want to wish them away~

I hope Diane will forgive me..

Thank you Diane and little Rose Escapade!

I used my PVC molds..and sparingly dipped les biscuits Roses De Reims in a mixture of Cassis and a touch of water.. set them around the PVC mold and filled with my mousse..Refrigerated..unmolded and decorated.

I used a DR Oetker..yes.. light chocolate mousse and added some Cassis.I do use that mousse for lighter version desserts for just Jacques and I.I like those products.On of the rare pre- packaged things we use ..I don't even think Jacques knows...:) I only made's not a dessert that keeps well.It's for the moment..:)


  1. No roses blooming here but I have lots of tiny buds.

    What a pretty presentation and I love the apple blossoms - they remind me of Sally Holmes :)

  2. pvc pipe. smart. smart. smart.

    No roses for us, and barely an apple blossom...


    the grass is green.

    Happy Sunday to you Nana~!

  3. What a pretty little dessert! I don't think we have those little cookies here - :( Happy Rose Day to you!

  4. Lovely, lovely dessert and sounds so simple to put together. Your apple blossoms are just rosy! No need for forgiveness :-)

    I have never seen these cookies before, and will definitely be on the lookout for these in Paris...I don't know how they have gotten past me!

    Gorgeous post as usual!


  5. what a lovely post--I found my way here through Tastespotting, and so like the way you illustrate the season with an image of the apple blossoms--

  6. A fun little challenge:) Thanks again Diane.

  7. Beautiful Monique! I love the story, and the history.

    Your darling Charlottes look divine~ such a delightful post, and filled with eye-candy from beginning to end. xo~m.

    P.S. Your sweet comment on my blog made me laugh out loud :). The answeris YES, I would be thrilled to adopt you (and J) in a heartbeat. Ditto your daughters and their families ... :) :) :)

  8. Ici, les roses sont déjà très ouvertes .... Et il fait chaud, chaud, chaud ... Ces charlottes roses sont superbes, très élégantes ... Un vrai dessert de Festival de Cannes ! ;o))

    Pour répondre à tes questions, tu as bien vu Robin Wright Penn qui faisait partie du jury. Quant aux photos, ... eh bien ... il suffit de bien se placer ! Cette année, j'ai emmené à deux montées des marches quelques-uns de mes patients handicapés. La police, très sympa, nous a trouvé un endroit d'où ces personnes en fauteuil pourraient voir le spectacle convenablement. Moi aussi, par conséquent, ce qui fait que j'ai pu prendre des photos acceptables ! ;o)

    De très grosses bises ensoleillées