Friday, May 1, 2009


Has to be one of my favorite meals..

Here at home.. when Jacques makes it..His own dough and everything..once a week!

Different toppings depending on what we have..some days less some days more..

It really always brings me back to the little restos we often had pizzas at in Italy for lunch..By dinner we would say..No Pizza:)

But as soon as we got home..I knew I had only deepened my love of home made pizzas~


  1. As I've always said - you are so lucky to have a husband who likes to make pizza from scratch! His pizza always makes my mouth water ;)

    Lovely photos - those cafes are beautiful~

  2. Hi Monique,
    The best thing is he makes the true Italian pizza - thin crust (you are a very fortunate lady!). We too ate so much pizza in Italy, for me it's anchovy, capers and a few Italian peppers. My mind will be on pizza all day. Love your photos, so beautiful!

  3. I love your pizza's.

    Almost as much as I love your
    photography. You give me something
    to shoot for..


  4. I almost made pizza today. Now I'm going to have to make it tomorrow. Your beautiful photo has me hungry for it! Gorgeous!

  5. Jacques' pizzas are always mouthwatering beautiful. Perfection!!

  6. You can't beat your own home baked pizza ~ the smell is wonderful and they taste so good.

    Your pizza looks yummy and your photographs are lovely.
    I would love to be sitting in that outdoor cafe.

  7. M, I agree... so nice that J makes these wonderful pizzas! You are so lucky! (and so is J!)

  8. Hi Monique, looks like you have a whole family of artist, very nice. I always make extra and freeze my pizza dough too, makes life so much easier and most anything will go on top of them. Great idea to heat up oven 1/2 hour before will try that. Take care!