Friday, May 22, 2009

Seafood Caesar Salad~

One hundred years my ceramics class..I made this big bowl w/ 6 small bowls for my favorite salad at my favorite resto that many years ago..

We have continued to enjoy variations over the years..adding this..switching that:)

I always love it..Mondays'..had large jumbo shrimp..baked in the oven quickly.. crab..and lobster..Jacques' croûtons.. some very salty capers..spring green peppers and chives..I forgot the hard boiled eggs..too busy in the garden..Victoria Day:)

The dressing is easy..

3 tbsps lemon juice
2 minced cloves of garlic
2 tsps of Anchovy paste..I add smushed real anchovies..
a splash or 2 of Worcesterchire sauce..

s and p.. and I slowly drizzle in ap 1/2 cup of very good EVOO.

The capers I add last..

Kind of looks like Jaws in the last pic:) Same year I made the shells I think..saw it at a Drive -In:) I think Jojo was with us..:)


  1. Just beautiful as always. This is such a happy place for a visual communication person like myself to visit. :)


  2. Yum ~ Love Caesar salad and can't understand why people leave the anchovies out (the best part!). I'll have to give you my recipe for anchovy toast via Mr. Vincent Price (a Sunday morning fav here). Next time, I will add seafood to my salad. Happy weekend, Monique.

  3. You made the bowls?? You are one talented lady! Love the bowls, love the recipe. And love the "Jaws" shot at the end! :D

  4. Laura..I love your blog..and Tracie's and Lori's..
    What a small small wonderful world:)
    3 faves all wrapped into one..
    :) Have a great weekend ladies and thank you.

  5. Hi Monique,
    the recipe looks appetizingly. I love all seafood. Your dressing sounds yummy, but I expected a parmesan dressing as caesar dressing. Greatings Anja

  6. Anja!! You are so observant..I forgot to mention the parmesan cheese:) Gosh you're good!

  7. Monique..this is jaw dropping beautiful! I absolutely love your shell delicately delicious! Just wonderful, and more special since you made them. The photos are so artful....and I'm sure the salad was exquisite. Can't say enough!


  8. I wouldn't show you up monique... :)

  9. Anja!! I am so happy you told me:)

    Anytime! Anytime!!Help me all you can:)

    I am getting older:)

    I am not foolproof:)

    Thank you Diane!!

  10. Such a pretty, pretty presentation for your lovely salad Monique. I'm going to remember this for the next time I'm craving Caesar... it won't look nearly so beautiful without your bowls though. :)