Sunday, May 3, 2009

Soul Food #2~


Myosotis Mondays~

Forget-Me -Not~"Myosotis"...

I even have a teacup that says Forget-Me-Not~
I wonder..
Are some people Forget-Me-Nots also?
These are one of my very favorite perennials here..the little blue carpet the Fairies unroll every May..

Makes me happy ..Nature has a way..of making someone happy ..

A footnote..

The Alzheimer Society of Canada's symbol is the forget-me-not flower. The symbol represents memory loss - one of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

One of my favorite parts of my humble gardens is the small Fairy/Pond area..I found a small conservatory many years ago and nestled it in that perennial bed with Fairies..and gates and furniture..

I think it's when the Forget- Me- Nots bloom that I like it best..

I know I have mentioned Fifi many many times ..she is the Editor Of Romantic Country.. a beautiful beautiful magazine full of inspirational ideas..

I was tickled pink when she included my little garden in her Dec. issue last year..

Needless to say..It's on our coffee table and It feels so nice to have such a special souvenir.It's lovely how someone can sprinkle your day..with kindness and have it last a very very long time..
I love that about certain people.

She's definitely a Forget-Me-Not.


  1. Bonjour gentille Monique,
    Your blog is simply delicious!
    I was more than happy to be able to include the photo you took of your darling little conservatory in its gorgeous setting. It was a perfect fit for Romantic Country. You are quite the photographer. The photos you post from your trips and recipes are beautiful.
    I only wish I had more time to go through all your posts and all the other wonderful blogs out there. Well, maybe some can always dream. Oui?
    I hope to be home when you come to Florida this fall. Miss seeing you and Jacques.
    Lots of love to all.

  2. Love your cozy Blog. I just went on a garden tour this past weekend and saw so many beautiful flowers....forget me nots are on of my favorites too!!


  3. I am 'over the moon' thrilled after many years and failed attempts that FMN is finally established in my garden.

    M, this post is so representaive of your romantic and gentle nature.

    I love the photo of your fairy garden with the FMN's and the conservatory.

  4. Forget me nots are definitely Monique. Mines are going strong now too. How wonderful you were featured in FiFi's magazine. I can never seem to find Romantic Country on the magazine racks. And look what I missed out on! I bought a tiny blue lantern "house" that I want to outfit for some fairies. Kind of the color of FMNs!

  5. How wonderful! I hope you have MANY copies, one for each room!
    Your garden is just lovely, and the blue of forget me nots is soo pretty!

  6. Just one copy:) Thank you!

    it sure was fun..It still is..But I have been able to find RC in Ottawa ..once.. I think the answer is a subscription.. even online I think..I do know in the magazine they have a subscription card~

  7. I always look so forward to having a cup of tea and perusing your web site after I've been away. No blog time available when I'm at the vineyard I'm afraid. Your beautiful site makes me smile.

  8. I also love the Forget Me Nots, it's the State Flower of Alaska. I learned that on a cruise when I visited Glacier Bay back in 1999. I didn't know however that the Alzheimer Group is using it, but makes perfectly good sense. I love your blog, it's quite relaxing and fun to view! I'm offering a lovely Blog Give Away on "Catherine de th`e Cup" this week...deadline to enter is May 10, midnight, PDT. Please stop by for a cup of tea and scone soon! ;) ~AuRevoir, ~CC Catherine

  9. This was such an enjoyable read. I LOVE your conservatory!

  10. how fabulous! I would love to see your garden!
    {still awaiting my email from fifi...}

  11. Wonderful post Monique, and a belated congratulations on the article...just delightful!

  12. Oh Monique,
    I must go get my magazine and see that part of the magazine. I did not know your so cute garden was featured, congratulations! You know I think Fifi is the sweetest french princess of them all (oui, that's what I call her!). Please take lots of photos when you meet her in the Fall of the Guest Cottage (and everything else). I am so happy for you. I think the two of us should start a Fifi Fan Club :) Off to grab that issue!

  13. Tracie..she is The Fairest French princess of then all:) You are right!Her fan club is HUGE!!!!

    So sweet..