Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dinosaurs and a Superhero~

Last week I stopped by a store I always liked in Ottawa ..Bulk Barn:)

Imagine my surprise at finding one here in QC.I mean..Michael's isn't here:(

They had all kinds of cute sprinkles and Wilton accessories..and jujubes..and worms and molds..AND..chocolate molds..
I couldn't resist when I saw these..Land Before Time..Sarah too!


We were babysitting Sunday night and I thought these guys would be a hit..but then again so is J-E-L-L-O:)

Happy to have these! Cupcake toppers..little favors etc..
Hard to tell the real ones from the chocolate ones.. simple little pleasures..

Les boys do like Broccoli too..and that's a good thing..

Cause Superheroes need their veggies.


  1. You are so very clever, Monique. I'm sure your little Superheros love these little beasties on top of their cupcakes.

  2. Darling post, Monique ... Land Before Time is a big hit around here also. Even Papa loves it. I'm glad your Superheroes enjoyed the dinos, jello, and broccoli.

  3. Your photography


    me in places

    that are very


    the world needs Superheros.

    the world needs more Max.


  4. Merci Monique de tes adorables messages et je craque sur ton chocolat en forme d'animaux...c'est tout mimi d'amour...bravo

  5. Land Before Time in chocolate?! Be still my heart! ;) I'm sure the little ones LOVED them!

  6. Oh Monique, you are a very special grandma.

  7. Oh you make me happy.You know I think I have looked at this post 5 times.. just to see him.

    And I see him all the time.

    Thanks for understanding my infatuation with superheroes and for your kind words..all you talented ladies that I learn so much from.

  8. You know I am paying attention here - very close attention ;) My superhero and dinosaurs are coming soon!

    I'm so glad you found such a fun store!

  9. Too cute! What a great shot!
    I commented on yesterday's post but it disappeared!