Saturday, June 6, 2009


I was curious..

I liked every blog photo I saw that involved Matcha powder..and my husband loves green tea..

I decided to try this recipe..found at Bakerella's out of this world blog..

I love her blog.. Her photos.. her delight in desserts and color and food and photos.
She is unique.

The recipe turned out just the way I thought..I may try zebra style next time:) w/ white chocolate instead of chocolate.

I do like the green and brown together:)

I used a half bundt cake mold..and made half the recipe..

Just right..Had I had some sour cream in the fridge I would have added a dollop!

I can't wait to experiment w/ Matcha in different recipes..Love trying new things!

Any ideas?

PS..A couple of years ago.. I happened upon a really nice young chef..
I even bought his book..
He is smart..talented.. funny.. a "STAR".. and NICE!
We've exchanged a few emails over the years and he has kindly kept me up to date on what he is doing..
Well he has a new food blog and it's beautiful!
The content is well written.. beautifully photographed..and if you start now.. at almost it's beginning..I am certain you will not be disappointed:)

You may recognize him:)

Have fun!


  1. Looks great. Very colourful. I have been looking for matcha powder, but haven't found it yet!

  2. I do like the green and brown together too! It must be healthy with the green tea powder ;) I am so curious about the taste.

    Two delightful sites you linked!

  3. It definitely tastes like green tea!!

    I found Matcha at Montréal.. a fabulous.. yet dated:) spice etc Little Italy.. but I bet many health food stores would have it..:)
    Have you tried Amazon Marie?
    Good luck:)~
    I can't wait to try the Pitas Susan:) Max's second birthday and christening today all rolled into one so it can't be today:) I need to make the Master again..all out!

  4. PS Marie! I just quickly peeked at your first blog! I will be back! Beautiful!

  5. I just ran across a recipe for Matcha in one of my magazines (can't remember what for...) I'll have to find it and send it to you. Vosges Chocolates has a truffle made with it which is Heavenly. I even think the container which holds the Matcha is cute, will have to try to find some at the gourmet market.

  6. Beeeeeeauuuuuutiful Monique...I can just taste it!

  7. I've been intrigued with matcha ever since I first spotted some recipes made with it on the photo sites. Your cake looks great! I can't quite imagine the taste of green tea with chocolate (though what doesn't go with chocolate??!)

  8. It's funny ..but it does work:)

    I love the color!

  9. I love ur blog!! the photos are just beautiful!!!. Thanx for dropping by mine. i mite try the matcha cake. hvae never made anything with matcha so its about time i did. it looks soft n moist n I love the lemon tarts u made too...sooo pretty! I'll be back.:)

  10. I've added David, what a great blog he has!

    I've been watching the matcha cakes as well. I may have to give one a go the next time I need something creative.

  11. You will all love David! Try his recipes too.. he's a real charming STAR:)
    Thank you too Zurin..Your Blog w/ the wedding photos and cake etc..exceptional!