Sunday, June 14, 2009

Soul Food#7~

La Vie en Rose..

I know I know..more blue and yellow:) But oh how I love my vie en rose in late Spring Early Summer~

Tree peonies.. Harrisson's Yellow fence rose:)

Columbines..and Irises..
Everything is gorgeous to me now..the roses popped today:) ! Yay! I also saw my first Rose Chafer..Boohoo:(

The bouquet has Korean Lilacs.. Chives..(From my cooking class the idea came from..a match made in garden heaven)..Baptisia..Iris..Queen Ann's Lace.. and Weigelia~

Beau! En toute douceur!

The darling Petits Fours? A gift from a friend~


  1. Like a trip to Paris! Thanks for the eye candy...

  2. Perfect gift for a Sunday wedding~~~

    Thanks for sharing!

    Stop by :)

  3. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!

  4. Peaceful beauty!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. M, I always love to see garden blooms. I used chive blossom in my bouquets this spring. They do look pretty. Dill heads in an arrangement look lovely too.

  6. I love to see what opens each day now - it's so good for the soul :)

    Pretty, pretty flowers, M!