Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Night is Pizza Night here~

As many of my old time internet foodie/garden friends..know..

No exception last night..
Starting w/ nice tomatoes..As nice as we can get them right now..NOWHERE close to August taste!

Jacques had his Italian sausage one..and I had tomato and roasted red pepper/ a few mushrooms..and our new basil~ Pesto Perpetua:)

How I ate I have no idea..I was full..

I had a great time for lunch ...I went to a cooking class/luncheon..more on that another day..But ohmygoodnesswhatfunforme~

Great place..great cook/hostess.. food..ambiance..etc..
Un Plaisir!

I made a very quick dessert..another porch dessert night here:)

I had the Dorie pâte sucrée made.. from my book Baking from My Home To Yours.. a very favorite of mine~ and... the microwave lemon the fridge..and some leftover egg whites ready to be used..
Que c'est bon!

If only June lasted forever.. albeit minus all the rain we have had so far!

The taste of sunshine today.. crowned the day~


  1. Girl...that tart is magical looking...I still want to try your micro lemon curd...
    Just gorgeous!

  2. I am envious of your porch desserts. Our weather has not been warm enough to dine outdoors yet :(

    You and J have a wonderful tradition with those pizza Fridays!

  3. M, I know your (J's) pizzas are wonderful, but that dessert is calling out to me! BEAU! It looks like I will have a very good tomato crop here this year. ;-)

  4. Jayne..I see a tomato..I think of you! I remember your abounding crops! are right I like the tradition also..

    Bon Dimanche!

  5. Those tomatoes fast forward my summer tomato cravings!

    Ooooh and speaking of craving....I want that tart, and on the front porch is a daydream.