Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pinwheel Nana Cookies..

When I read this lovely post..

I knew I had to make them..

They are wonderful!

Follow her recipe to a T and you will love them.I love their look..the way they look in my freezer..the way my grandsons gobbled them up..

Beaux et bons!


  1. Monique, these look and sound very tasty. Thank you for the link ... very touching, heart-warming history of the cookies. I can definitely picture your little grandsons enjoying them. They're now on my must-do list.

  2. Cynthia..I thought of you yesterday..1 little girl at Max's party/Baptism..I couldn't stop taking pics of her:) Addi..came to mind..little bracelets.. party shoes..a white hat and a sundress:)
    So cute!
    I hope you like them..always on hand:)

  3. I loved the story of the author's grandmother - I love making my grandmothers' recipes. It makes me feel connected to them in a special way.

    These cookies are so pretty. I can't wait to try them myself. Parfait!

  4. What a wonderful story! Sad and happy. I love things that can be made in an instant. I will be certainly be trying these too. I know of a little someone who may like them one day ;)

  5. LOve the story....and I will be making these too...thnx for sharing the link n the recipe. :)

  6. Tu les as super-réussis ! J'en ai fait un jour (mais la recette devait être différente), et je ne les ai pas si bien réussis ...

  7. Those look really wonderful Monique...I will be making them soon...Love the story...
    Thank you!

  8. My pleasure! Fun to share!
    Have a great day!

  9. I did cookies using the same method you use, but mine are not perfect as yours.

    I found you on foodgawker. Nice pictures :)

  10. Those are the most perfect pinwheels ever.

  11. Thanks..they really are more photogenic than perfect:) Thank you.
    Try them!

  12. So thrilled that you made them and they turned out so well! I love that my grandmother's cookies are inspiring others and the recipe is spreading via the internet.

  13. Julie I am so happy you saw that I did make them..You were so kind to share the recipe with everyone.
    I am over the moon to have it,thank you again.

  14. Brings back fond memories of my grandmother. Her cookie jar was always filled and she made cookies just like this.