Friday, June 12, 2009

Cherry Soup~

I love this time of year when cherries are plentiful..Love their color..shape..taste..
I found this that intrigued me..

The addition of the red wine just sounded so delicious..and it is..
A perfect soup:) As Dominique calls it.."Soupe Aux Cerises"~

Ingredients are simple..

Some red wine too of course..

and le tour est joué..

Delicious summer dessert on the porch..

Served over your favorite ice cream~

La Recette

For 500 gr of cherries..
you will need

50cl of red wine
100 gr of sugar
1 cinnamon stick
1 tsp asst peppercorns
zest of one green lemon
zest of one orange

Bring wine and sugar and spices and zest to a rapid boil.. reduce heat and cook down until ap 1/2.. remove from stove add pitted cherries.. let cool while occasionally stirring.
Pack in a jar w/ tight fitting lid and refrigerate overnight..
Keeps well a few days~



  1. looks beatiful... how cute, j made the blog~

  2. Looks really good -- cherries are just coming to market here -- alas they are from Washington -- the prairie is not a good cherry state!

  3. Monique....
    Really lovely...I can taste them!

  4. Cherries are of that taste:)

    Jain..I took another of J tonight!

    Martha.. enjoy the season!

  5. This sounds wonderful, Monique. Cherries are a favorite and we should see them in the market in a few weeks. I can almost taste this over ice cream.

  6. I love cherries, but sadly I'm the only one in this house. I would never get that photo here ;)

  7. I love, love, love cherries and so does my family! I will try this...enticing pics, too!