Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Le Vieux-Montréal~Old Montréal.

I love to go and spend a day before school's out and high season for tourists is in full swing..It's a sensory pleasing kind of day for me ..lots of,photo taking..favorite things..

To walk along the water into the old streets of Montréal is still a happy day for me.
Strolling past Le Cirque Du Soleil tents..

Watching the calèches go by..

We decided to have lunch at Les Jardins Nelson..inside the courtyard where the sun shines and the stone inner walls are rich in history and a live duo plays classical music for us.Hanging planters abound~
It was really really nice..

Across the way is the allée of artists..

La Place Jacques~ Cartier is the core.. where you can find many terrasses.. gelatos.. maple products..


On a sunny's a nice treat!
The Museum/Garden will be on my next trip I hope..

There are restaurants galore!

I love all their facades..

From the signs to the unique windows and entries..

The old streets remind me of Tourettes~ Sur~ Loup:)Albeit without the violets and wolf paw prints...

It's a very colorful and fun city..

Clean and crisp..on a breezy perfect spring day..

This little bench made me smile inside La Cour~

A unique shopping experience inside stone walls with old trees..and spiral staircases.
Notre~ Dame~ De~ Bonsecours is Montréals' oldest church 1657.

An Auberge is named after it.. the Marché Bonsecours building itself was named after it..

There are many charming stores to spend a bit of $ in if you wish..

I love this place..
You can see the old market in the window:)

It's huge inside ..don't let the outside fool you:)

A lovely Father's Day Brunch was featured on one of the many giant indoor chalkboards~

If you are visiting..I do recommend the courtyard of Les Jardins Nelson for lunch on a sunny day.. a mom and her 2 young daughters from Atlanta were seated close by.

I also recommend L'Epicier ..closed for lunch yesterday..but open for dinner through the week..My daughter and husband love it.
There is sooo much more to see..but already I feel you may have gotten ennuyés halfway!

Time to go!

A la prochaine..

If you are still in the mood for armchair travel..Diane..has just shared a charming day too:)

And then..if you missed going to Cannes Film Festival..go there!Hélène is a gracious hostess!


  1. Beautiful Monique...
    I spent my honeymoon in Montreal and will be 28 years ago in July...I would love to come back...
    We had a fabulous trip!
    Thanks for the memories...

  2. Pour une fois, on se "parle" presque en même temps ! ;o) Sauf que moi, je vais me coucher, maintenant ! En tout cas, ce petit voyage canadien me fera faire de beaux rêves !
    De grosses bises
    PS : Moi aussi, j'adore Tourrettes sur Loup ! ;o)

  3. Bon Dodo Hélène! Je viens tout juste d'apprécier ton superbe billet!
    Glorious Tapas!

    Linda.. 28 yrs! Happy Anniversary!..That's why we went.. my choice.. 35 yrs Monday:) Hard to believe ..since I am 39;)

  4. Guess which photo was my favorite.

  5. Either one of the pots on the walls?:)

  6. Happy Anniversary Monique...what a milestone! Thanks for the has been a lot of years since I've been to Montreal, what a nice reminder of how wonderful it is. Your beautiful photos fully capture the ambience.

    Thanks too for the mention of my little summers walk. It's so nice to share special traveling moments...large or small.


  7. Nope, it's the one under the pots on the wall.

  8. Some day I shall walk with you...

    for now I walk through your eyes.

    it is a beautiful place to be.


  9. You needn't have gone to France at all ;) You have the old-world charm right there in Montreal! What a lovely pictorial.