Sunday, June 21, 2009

Soul Food #8~

June is fleeting~

In beauty and grace~

After quite a few dreary days..

The sun has come out to play~


  1. The last pic with the window is beautiful. Could I save it?

  2. Sigh............Would love to be in your garden right now!
    Down here in the south the heat index is around 103 degrees! I have only a container garden on the terrace here and the flowers are wilting!

  3. Anja.. you can save all my photos.
    I am happy to share.


    Ry..I just peeked at your beau blog before my dinner timer sounded. in paradisio:)
    Going back now~

    Thank you both.
    I love gardens. They are to me.. the most spiritual place to be..especially when my grandsons are here and we are each in our own bubble.. yet together:)

    A quote from a chef I love~

  4. June is fleeting, sadly. We have gone from cool to hot and steamy so rapidly.

    I will be sad when the peonies are done - they are a favorite here. I love the shot through the window :)

  5. Such beautiful garden photos. I also love the flower in the window. It's such a striking composition. I love travelling through your gardens with you!

  6. Monique...your pics are always magical!
    My peonies have been gone for weeks now...they were ravaged by all the rain! Waiting patiently for the hydrangeas!
    Thank you for your garden tour!

  7. J'aime beaucoup les fleurs..ah pour les radis pas de pb de les prendre...j'ai vu aussi un billet sur les pâtes en Italie...j'ai hâte d'y être en juillet pour ressentir cette belle ambiance...Merci de toute ta gentillesse et passe une belle soirée...à bientôt !!!!

  8. Your flowers are beautiful! Slow start here, no sun, lots of rain..not much blooming...but at least no snow and ice..:)