Saturday, June 27, 2009

French Soup~

I mean Soup from French Word-A -Day~

I just love everything about her blog~

So even though we all have oodles of these kinds of soup recipes..I wanted to make hers:)

Her post title..Poireaux/leeks..

was just the incentive I needed to make the recipe all about her..
and leeks
.. diced..

And chopped..~

And mixed with favored veggies..

I had never been very generous w/ my Herbes De Provence in my potages aux légumes...

This time..thinking of her..
I added at least 1 tablespoon full(1 cuillère à soupe we say here in Québec:) )

It was delicious..

I was transported to a wildflower field in Provence~

Or a little resto in Tourrettes~

The colors are so similar!

And enjoyed every mouthful.

W/ a side salad .. what more could you want?

Thank you Kristin~


  1. Oh my, Monique, your post is stunning. Absolutely gorgeous photos.

    Thank you so very much for the link. You've introduced me to another wonderful look at France.

  2. I love leek soup. What a gorgeous color! Sunny :)

  3. Beautiful soup, beautiful photographs, beautiful post!! C'est magnifique!

  4. Love her blog too. Thanks for the reminder to go back and take a look in my hurried life. The soup looks divine, Monique. Who but you could make a leek look so beautiful? Happy Sunday, sweetie.

  5. can make a humble leek look like a work of art...
    Simply gorgeous!

  6. What more could I want? ALL of those fantastic dishes... Oh man...everything looks SO gorgeous...

  7. That soup looks so good Monique, but that black sesame seed tuile at the bottom intrigues me!

  8. Marie..that's what it is .. a tuile w/ black sesame seeds sandwiched w/ hummus..

    The original version I saw was w/ gots cheese..I have to remember where I saw it..and post a link..I am afraid I don't have it on hand.The presentation was lovely~I remember that:)

    Thanks for the nice comments..and I am glad you will and do enjoy French Word-A -Day also:)

  9. I've become a fan of the French word site too, thanks to your mention.
    Soup looks delish.

  10. Monique,

    Your photos and stories are as delightful as this soup! I'd love to pull up a seat to your pretty table and share in this bright and sunny lunch, tuiles and all. Merci beaucoup. I will forward your blog link to James A. Wilson, who shared the soup recipe (after it was shared with him by a dear friend and Frenchwoman, Andrée Harivel).

  11. Ahh is so much fun to try recipes recommended by people we get to know:) Here... thousands of miles away from one another!Thanks to Andrée also~