Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ann Lindsay's Arugula and Red Pepper Penne~

And Black Olives~

I love Italian dishes..Once a week I crave pasta..
In Italy once a day:)

I had a lot of arugula in the fridge so I decided to make Ann Lindsay's Sweet Red Pepper,Black Olive and Arugula Penne..

What I like doing with this recipe is preparing all the ingredients beforehand..and letting the flavors meld..
When I come home..I cook my pasta..and add it to the already delicious mixture.. add a bit of the cooking liquid and some red pepper flakes and lots of freshly grated parmesan Cheese..Season.

La Recette~

2 sweet red peppers
8 ozs of penne
2 cloves of garlic minced
2 tbsps EVOO
3 cups of arugula..
12 pitted black olives(I use the good Kalamata Olives..not canned)
pepper(I add crushed chili peppers)
1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan

Broil red peppers until charred turning frequently..ap 20 mins(Mine are all done in the fall on the BBQ.. the then sit in a brown bag..are peeled and put in Basil EVOO..then bagged and frozen) .We do it once a year...)
Let cool juices... peel,core and seed..cut into strips.

Microwave garlic with oil on high for 1 minute..
In a large bowl add peppers ,arugula,garlic mix , red pepper flakes and olives,.
Add pasta..Toss... add reserved pepper juice and cheese..

Serves 4~


  1. wonderful recipe. I make something similar. Penne or tagliatelle with arugula, sun-dried tomatoes and parma ham... the photo makes me hungry like a hunter.

  2. This sounds delicious - I'm a pasta-lover, too. I love the idea of mixing everything together ahead of time and cooking the pasta when you get home. Another great recipe, M!

  3. This is right up my alley!
    I make something with pancetta, arugula and parmesan that is great...this sounds absolutely wonderful!