Friday, June 19, 2009

Côtelettes De Porc "Papillons" Farçies~

I couldn't wait until Monday..for Soul Food..
My roses are starting ~

And dinner last night was delicious..
Jacques stuffed butterflied pork chops with fontina cheese,rosemary and his prosciutto..after marinating the pork in EVOO and garlic and wine and Rosemary:)

Grilled on the BBQ..sooo good!
I made arugula mashed potatoes and garnished with a parsley our tattooed potatoes.. but 2 thinly mandolined slices..with a leaf in between..

How brilliant!And found here..LOVE that site!Thought I would share it with you..

Grilled asparagus.. lemon zest..salt and evoo..The potatoes look like stained glass..

And so are the peonies~starting!

This is my riot in the garden party time..where the showstoppers bloom.. the dainty Forget Me Nots are waning .. the lilacs are having their last hurrahs..

But the Roses and Peonies and Irises are stepping forward~

It would be so nice to have fresh bouquets all year long~


  1. You go girl!
    Every night in your house is an magnificent event! The potatoes are was your whole dinner.
    My Iris and Peonies are all gone now...I wish they would stay longer...we wait so long for such fleeting pleasure!

  2. All works of art, flowers and food! The meal looks c.

  3. wowzers...does that look amazing! arugula in mashed potatoes. thanks for the idea...

    found you by way (i think) of endless inspiration....

    i'm so jazzed to find you...i'm a big fan of arugula and grow it in our garden...and now i have some new ideas for it! great place here!


  4. I just HAD to add your widget pictures to my blog!!!

  5. this is the most beautiful written post combining garden and great food!

  6. Monique, Your menu sounds so good. Arugula and mashed potatoes together, sounds divine. I love the flowers of your garden and I have the same house garden sign but it is overgrown with baby roses so I had forgotten it was there. Happy weekend and thank you for the link, I'm off to look some more now.

  7. Is that Morden Blush in your first photo? Mine is blooming now too - soooo pretty!

    You are so lucky to have another chef in your kitchen :) Such a wonderful meal!

    My peonies are full and beautiful now - and, of course, it is storming tonight - never fails :(

  8. That looks and sounds delicious, both the food and the flowers!! What a beautiful treat for the eyes!

  9. Good morning and thank you..I favor arugula very much in many things now.. and especially sandwiches.. more than lettuce~

    Susan the Rose in an Heirloom rose extremely cold hardy.I adore it..

    I have 3..and one at the front curb is at least 5 ft x5 ft winter protection.Last year the rose chafers made a meal out of the blooms far so good!
    Peonies and rain:) I hear you!!!

  10. Le Jardin is oh so beautiful. Love the soft pink of Susan the Rose. You are so right about the arugula - it has much more flavor. Hints of pepper.

  11. I have been missing lately! But I read all the poasts..the flowers are beautiful, and the food looks wonderful.
    The pork chop sounds so good, stuffed with J's prosc!
    We have had so much rain, the plants are rotting, the whole weekend sounds bad..
    I went to Cmas Tree Shop yesterday got back home at 10 PM to hear that Lily broke her arm! :(

  12. Another beautiful meal, Monique. I love your 'stained glass' potatoes!

  13. Monique, it is Jacques grilled pork chop I'm craving.