Saturday, June 27, 2009


Noun 1. bonheur - (French) happiness and good humor
happiness - emotions experienced when in a state of well-being

Doesn't take much..Friday night even can be le Bonheur..We have J's pizzas almost every Friday Night.. different ways..last night was w/ the 5 Min Artisan Bread I keep in the fridge..he finds it more difficult to work with than his usual crusts..but I found it delicious..Linda had been using it and showing us and I suggested it:)

I love it.

Little things.. are often what brings us the most comforting Bonheur~

Like this bottle of wine also..I had no idea what it tasted like..I just had to buy it for a client to wish him happiness in his new adventure..and I thought I could pretty much stand to look at this label also.
I love wine labels:)
So artistic.. pretty.. I saved many when in Europe and glued them to my journal..
We still have one bottle from France from the Vineyard where the cute movie A Good Year was shot~

Marion Cotillard and Russell Crowe.Loved it!
Enjoy Your Bonheur this weekend.It's close at hand.


  1. I sometimes buy wines for their labels, too. :)

    I thought bonheur meant "early"?? I'm still working on my French...

    I always love your posts, Monique. There's a certain serenity to your blog that I just adore.

  2. Glad you tried the ABin5 pizza...
    It is good in a pinch! I still prefer my regular pizza dough recipe when I make a thin crust pizza...but it was good for a change and ready to go...

    I am with Lori...your blog is such a treat to read each day...always makes me smile!

  3. That pizza looks wonderful, as always!

  4. It's faultless their 5 min bread:) Grateful!

  5. I had a little too much Bonheur last night at a wedding reception we attended ;)

    I've made pizza with the Ain5 also and I makes a wonderful-tasting crust! That's right it was Friday :)

  6. Susan you made me laugh..too much Bonheur..not Bonheur:)