Thursday, June 25, 2009

Delicioso and Bella~

I found this beautiful pasta in Little Italy..
I first spotted it at Lori's delightful blog~

Jacques had bought some unfiltered EVOO,here ..that came from Spoleto!We went to Spello.. but both are in the gorgeous Umbrian region of beautiful Italy.
I thought..Hmm..what do I make on this sunny... beautiful... early evening?

I decided on Shrimp pasta..
We baked the shrimp in the oven while I was cooking the pasta..
In a saucepan..I warmed some EVOO and butter..added fresh garlic,red chili peppers from Italy....some lemon juice and white wine.. ..Reduced it all .. then quickly added the cooked shrimp..loads of chopped fresh parsley from my little herb pots..and lots of grated lemon zest..tossed w/ the pasta..

and then.....

the skies became black and grey and our little outdoor set up for "al fresco" dining was rushed the sound of pelting rain and thunder!:(

My hope of getting a nice crisp summery photo was drowned:(

But it was DELICIOUS!

And the shrimp married beautifully with this gorgeous pasta.

I will definitely buy it again~

We eat with our eyes first I think... At least I do:)And this just so wonderfully appetizing~
Just want to wave hello to Soleil..who is an artist at eye candy ~
And who's blog is also so cannot go stop in for a visit:)


  1. What beautiful pasta! And combined with shrimp, amazing! That is truly a visual feast.

    Isn't it fun to find something special like this?

  2. Oh, too pretty! I agree, if the food is beautiful it pleases all of the senses. I have seen this pasta before at specialty shops and now I have THE recipe to go with it! Thanks for the inspiration...again!
    joy c.

  3. This pasta is festive and beautiful. And I love the shrimp dish you made! Better a fantastic meal inside in the rain than a mediocre meal in the beautiful outdoors, don't you think?

  4. Absolutely beautiful Monique. I like the idea of doing the shrimp in the oven for the pasta.

    I'm sorry your outdoor plans were spoiled, but you made it a festive feast just the same. Lovely! xo

  5. I've seen that gorgeous pasta in the store but haven't tried it yet - it smiles nice for the camera :) Beautiful colors! Sorry about the rain :(

  6. This is really funny... I found this pasta today in my favourite cooking magazine and I am crazy about it...

  7. I love that the pasta retained the color! This dish would be fun to have for a dinner party. Have a great weekend.

  8. Cool! I have the bow-tie version and don't know what to do with it.

    Found mine at Cost Plus-World Market

  9. The dish looks beautiful. I bought some of the same pasta and it was called mother-in-laws tongue. Beautiful blog.

  10. What beautiful pasta! Great pictures!

  11. If it tasted as good as it looked, it must have been wonderful! Too bad about the rain...dining outdoors is my favorite.

    Thanks for the way you brought your travels to us.


  12. Bow tie..prosciutto and peas..etc..There is a bow tie recipe here on my small would be appropriate for you?

    The bow ties must be so pretty also.
    Diane..a few peacocks would have been nicer:)
    Anja I hope you can get it..which is your favorite cooking magazine there?
    Glad you liked it as much as I did~

  13. Such beautiful photos Monique. You have an excellent eye. And the finished dish looks delicious. Just the simple kind of thing I love.

  14. this is my favourite-magazine: but the homepage isn't as exciting as the magazine.

  15. Anja thanks for the link..what a beautiful colorful homepage it has.VibranT!

  16. that's a gorgeous pasta and beautifully made! I hope to find them in my local shops. It's an amazing creation and your cooking really brought out this special pasta!