Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cooking Class~

I had such a nice time Friday ..

10:00 AM..scheduled Cooking Class..
One I have often thought about going to..but was told the classes were always needed a private group.
A girl in my office organized one and sure enough w/ 3 people from another office and one friend of hers..we had a full house..11 I think..

The setting was precious..the meal delicious..the home beautiful~
The teacher ..charming.. knowledgeable ,funny and sweet.

It's a treat.
At 10:00 upon arrival we are greeted at the dining room table w/ a slice of coffee cake..perhaps olive oil cake.. a fresh strawberry and an orange slice.. a cup of coffee..and water from a silver pitcher..White Linen everything..antique tea cups:)~

We sit at the Dining Room table while she shows us her preparations for the meal..all the presentation pieces are beautiful..
The nicest reamer..the prettiest bowls(many hand painted by her)..the freshest ingredients..

Her Olive Oil too~

We then ate outdoors in cute as a button surroundings w/ a Tuscan Mural painted on her back wall..

Again..linen.. her dishes.. great food and her husband's home made wine.
We lucked out..the weather became as perfect as the class and she:)

We had Cornish Hens, a Carrot salad.. baked rice..and Zabaglione..
Everything was perfect.
Loved my experience and would do it again~

I had the opportunity of taking classes 33 yrs ago at a school.. evenings.. 1 per week for 6 weeks.. very basic..I only remember parisiennes and duchess potatoes:)

I took one in Florida.. through Publix which was fun w/ The Crow's Nest Chef..again Zabaglione!
It was a fun class also..

But the intimacy of the little town.. gardens.. great food..It all helped make it my best class yet.

I am remaking the whole meal for tonight..

I started with the Carrots..

La Recette~

Insalata Di Carote al Limone

Carrot and Lemon salad

2 lbs of organic carrots
coarse grained salt
1 medium sized lemon preferably organic
15 sprigs of Italian Parsley leaves only
2 large garlic cloves..peeled and degermed
2 tbsps of capers rinsed
½ cup quality
Sea Salt and freshly ground pepper


Boil carrots w/ skins on..They must be cooked but not mushy!and not undercooked..
When ready drain and remove their skins under cold running water(She did it open air)
Cut carrots in diagonal slices ¼ inch thick

Cut lemon into quarters.. then into very thin slices Coarsely chop the parsley w/ the garlic
Combine them..
Place carrots ,lemon slices,and capers in a large bowl..add garlic mix evoo and season..
Mix well and transfer to a serving dish
Serve at Room Temp~

It's a delicious little dish!

I made little 5 Minute Artisan Bread Grissinis to accompany..She served some she had bought that were delicious made with semolina flour...I had the dough in the fridge..gotta love that 5 min Arisan Bread!

I simply rolled them thin..adding Rosemary to the dough as I went along..some alt on top and baked at 400 for ap 15 mins.


  1. I bought a lovely bunch of carrots at the farmers market yesterday and am ready to make your salad. It looks so fresh and delicious.

    What a lovely day you had, Monique.

  2. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time....everything looks great. Thanks for the grissini idea...seeing as I have a ton of dough I must try that!

  3. Anything is possible with that wonderful dough~


    And Cathy..I dream about that salad now:) I just munched a bite having come in from the gardens to get things organized.I hope you like it as much as I do:)

  4. What a lovely day! I would have so enjoyed that also. Your teacher sounds fun and creative. What a lovely setting.

    The carrot salad sounds wonderful and looks beautiful! I do love that A in 5 bread too ;)

  5. I love this idea of a cooking class for friends ! and a setting like this is so pretty !! Aaah ok now I have to add this to my TO DO list for entertaining.. !!

  6. What fun...sounds like a mini vacation! The carrot salad sounds like a great change from the usual. And I have to try the artisan bread, it sounds so convenient and good!

    Thanks for the inspiration....Daine