Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bavarois aux Avocats~Bavarian Avocado Cream~

A lovely little mousse type avocado preparation that sits prettily on a salad:)

I used Arugula..the flavors were enough to not mix too much with the pyramids.

The author serves it w/ a pesto sauce..we used basil oil and a splash of balsamic..white..
Her blog is delightful and I have already tried another of her recipes..one leads to another..:)

I also found another version that I will try.. w/ a balsamic mirror-top:)


The Bavarois is easy to do..

I halved the recipe as there was just Jacques and I..

and we were having a main meal too.

La Recette..
2 avocados
the juice of 1/2 lemon
2 sheets of gelatin
20 cl of whipping cream whipped.
salt pepper and radishes or beans for garnish..

Soak your gelatin sheets in cold water until softened..squeeze out moisture and microwave on High 30 secs.

Start by mixing the pitted and skinned avocado until it is quite uniform,puréed almost.Season..
add the lemon juice ..and the gelatin..and gently fold in the whipping cream..
Put in your prepped ramekins and chill at least 2 hrs.
I put mine in silicone pyramids.

I made them in the morning and we had them for dinner.

Drizzle a type of pistou(pesto) after garnishing..
Or a nice dressing of your choice..

Light and airy.. This could have been my dinner w/ a couple of crostinis as the Bavarois could work as a spread also:)
I am certain I could have used Agar -Agar..but I do have gelatin sheets ..so used that instead.


  1. This looks so light and appetizing. It would be perfect starter for a summer meal on the patio, or as a lunch with a cheese plate. Wonderful....and I love the crowning chive flower!


  2. Lovely Monique...They look simply delicious...
    Do you think they would work well with powdered gelatin?
    Thanks so much...

  3. A beautiful presentation, Monique. And a lovely new way to serve avocado.

  4. this is so pretty!!! lovley presentation!!! this breaks the usual salad " dressing" ..into a more creamy dressing.. hmmm must try tonight!

  5. a wonderful plate monique. I love the combination of avocado and lemon. I'm only surprised that the mousse don't turn brown, like avaocaro likes to do. maybe the gelatine and the lemon helps to stay lime-green...

  6. How pretty and what a creative idea! Avocados are a favorite here so I'm sure we would love these.

    I like the photo of the pyramid with the chive hat ;)

  7. Hi!~

    I am sure you could use reg.gelatine..you would have to check conversions:)
    I was happy to find gelatin sheet recipes as I have some..:)

    Anja..I am sure the lemon is the trick..not one stitch of brown..


  8. Just happened on your site for the first time...absolutely beautiful! Your food is gorgeous. I will be back often. Thanks for the treat for the senses.

  9. Beautiful, Monique! Another one of your wonderful recipes I can't wait to try!

  10. The shapes, textures and colors of this one grab my attention. So simple, and just such a show stopper.

  11. Merci beaucoup de ton gentil message pour les deux ans anniversaire du blog. Cela me touche beaucoup. Eh oui, que le temps passe et que de recettes, de petits mots de part et d’autre !!!. Des découvertes et de jolis liens qui se tissent au fil de l’eau. L’aventure continue. Je te souhaite une belle journée. En Alsace, nous avons un peu de soleil, enfin !!!!! ps: commen tu fais..le choc de la photo, j'arrive chez toi, je prends l'avion et je ramène une bonne bouteille...trop bon, bravo !!!!

  12. How beautiful - what a lovely mousse, it transported me to thoughts of a peaceful, elegant, relaxed summer dinner. Thank you!

  13. According to epicurious.com four sheets of leaf gelatin equal one package of powdered gelatin. See: http://www.epicurious.com/tools/fooddictionary/entry/?id=2698

    So in this case, a half of a pouch should work. I am definitely going to try it as I love avocados, and this presentation is fantastic!

  14. Thank you Pattie~I would have then used 1/4 envelope:)..I halved the recipe..

    I hope you all like it..add Crostinis:)

  15. Avocados are so creamy all by themselves but then mix in some heavy cream and...mmm... Nice presentation!

  16. This is such a pretty way to serve avocado, normally I just slice them up and serve them with salt but this would make a elegant and healthy appetizer.

  17. J'aime beaucoup cette recette. J'adore les avocats. Biz depuis le Sud de la France.