Saturday, August 8, 2009


It's Bday week here as I mentioned..the 2 oldest had their party yesterday..

10 and 8..Beautiful sunny day.. fun to watch all the kids..

Everyone had a ball~

This little chef turned into the naked chef as the party wore on:)

So many funny little kiddie stories:)

The highlights wise..were these adorable cupcakes my daughter made from this book...Hello Cupcake:)
They were a hit~

So so cute!

One little munchkin showed his preferences.. ate the icing and put the cupcakes back on the cupcake tier!! We laughed out loud..

Second party today..hope the rain stays at bay!


  1. Superbes photos, j'aimerais revenir quelques années en arrière et me retrouver avec mes enfants lorsqu'ils avaient juste quelques années, et pourtant aujourd'hui, ils ont plus de 25 ans et j'aime toujours autant être avec eux !

  2. nana and the naked chef, oolala, i can see the headlines in the culinary world~

    i am sure rain or shine you will have another grand time, happy bday to the nana clan!

    me and mine are heading to the beach, wish us luck, our first excursion...

  3. Lots of Happy Birthday wishes coming your way!

    I know it will be another joyful and special celebration today ~ thank you for sharing... I grinned all the way through. So adorable! xo

  4. Des cupcakes pour un anniversaire, le jeune homme a été gâté!

  5. thanks for your sweet comment!!!

    hope to chat again to the movies with my daughter ... can you guess which movie?????

  6. Your day is RICH today is it not Nana!!!...with little ones undertoe. I prefer all my chefs Naked, Lol. How absolutely sweet is that...Love on them for me, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... your daughters "Spidy" cupcakes are too cute!

  7. Happy Birthday to all!! We all have summer birthdays here...makes it even more fun (hope the weather holds out for you)!

    I love those cupcakes with the cute!

    Naked Chef? Oh, no...!

  8. Nice pics nana! Shame you couldn't post our adorable little naked chef :)

  9. Monique, such a lovely birthday post. How cute the Dora kitchen is outside!

    The cupcakes ARE adorable, so bright and colorful. They look delicious and I imagine all the children were delighted with them.

  10. I wish I was there ;P Looked like so much fun. I can feel the family warmth just by reading your post. The cupcakes are so, so super! Kudos to your daughter who made them! I love the bit about the lil boy who only ate the icing. LOL! Too adorable. I'm happy the weather played its part in making the day extra delightful. Birthday wishes to your loves of your life :)

  11. The cupcakes are cute is the chef!
    Happy Birthday to your little ones..
    Sounds like a fun party!

  12. Just too precious for words! The cupcakes, the stove, the Naked Chef - LOL :)

  13. The Naked Chef [giggle]
    Monique, your parties seem to end up like mine. Once, while clearing up the mess after a Christmas party, I found a pair of black leotards displayed on my table.

    I never asked why.

    Happy Birthday to the boys!