Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hier encore~ Yesterday~

August 6th~ Superhero Lulu's real birthday~ 4~~

His mommy and daddy are doing a party Sunday w/ his family and friends..but because he lives so close..and we were home this morning..his mommy brought the birthday boy and Max over for a BDay visit~
He forgot his cupcake here..


But enjoyed some cake outside with us..

Chocolate rocks..chocolate roses..chocolate cake..chocolate cream cheese icing and a dinosaur..Lucas Candles.. and my day was made~

I posted the tutorial for the roses that Cake On The brain kindly share a couple of times..but in case you missed it is again~

The cupcake wrapper is from that Etsy seller I like very much~

Tutus here? NO.. Tattoos here:)

I let him cut the first piece.. see? Almost 1/2 the cake:) He's adorable:)

The birthday cake was enjoyed by all:)

4.. I can't believe he is four! Max(Maxime) is 2..Noah is 1 and Oliver(Olivier) will be here before we know it! More Tutus!! Oops..I meant Tattoos:)
I love them all to bits.

Happy Birthday Darling Lulu~..Love,Nanaxxx


  1. soooo cute soooo loved~

    ok forgive me, i am sure you will crack up, i thought the cupcake came from a bakery and c had brought it over and forgot them... is'nt that hysterical!

    when you said choc roses i looked behind the dino and thought what am i missing.. OY! both cakes are perfect, ying and yang!

  2. Monique, I can't believe that Lucas is already four. It seems like just yesterday you were introducing him to us.

    I agree with Jain. Both cakes are perfect.

  3. My little munchkin turned 2 this week and the new little munchkin is due in 2 weeks. I'm excited!!

    The cakes look GORGEOUS! You are one wonderful NaNa!!

  4. Ahhhh, Nana Monique, what a sweet special post. It's hard to believe that they are already 4, 2, and 1. ... I know about the tattoos even though mine prefer tutus (and the 6 month-old, just grins and smiles at everything).

  5. Happy Birthday Lulu!!!!!
    You are such a wonderful Nana...those are lucky sweet boys!

  6. My heart just melted into a puddle! What a wonderful post and you're such a great Nana. My next life I want you as my Nana!

  7. What a nice nice friendly group:) I am so happy I can share Lulu et al with you:) Lori..Keep us posted too!!

    Cynthia I am sure they are as beautiful as ever..The tattoos are coming:)

    It's so easy to feel real AMOUR with little ones~
    Have a great day!

  8. What a treat of a post, Nana! I get the chocolate rose tutorial, that cool cupcake wrapper site ( immediately favorited) and gorgeous photos of a very happy Birthday shindig! Thanks for all the fun!

  9. My little gdaughter just turned 4 too. Oh, I love that age. So innocent and sweet.

    Heavenly chocolate birthday cake and the rose is gorgeous. You are truly amazing and so creative. Lucky little grandbabies.

  10. Ahh, M. Such a busy day and I am just getting here, finally , to see Lucas's birthday... 4 is such a precious age isn't it? The Tats are priceless and my favorite was the very BIG slice of cake, Oh my!!! I saw your little dino cake and thought you had made it for me...My maiden name was Lucas! and we have a Lukas who is 2...Don't blink my friend, they will be off to college...Precious times, xoxo~Kathy@ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  11. I never knew Kathy! Imagine!

    Cathy..We are very lucky!
    Katrina..I loved your blog the moment I saw the header.I was done:)

  12. Alphabet boys!!! That's so adorable :D

  13. Happy Birthday to Lulu!! Thanks for sharing his special day in your special way...full of love!


  14. What fortunate children to have a nana with abundant love! Beautiful post.

  15. Happy Birthday to Lulu! That cupcake looks so lovely - what a special Nana you are!

  16. Monique, I popped over from Food with Style. This chocolate is perfect! I love that Jain nicknamed the boys the alphabet kids. Too cute!

  17. Monique, I popped over from Food with Style. This chocolate is perfect! I love that Jain nicknamed the boys the alphabet kids. Too cute!