Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jojo and Sushi~

What does one have to do w/ the other?

Jojo is my childhood friend and we went out to lunch and shopped:)Before and after lunch:)

In one store she spotted this set and said Oh..look how cute!!

I agreed.They pulled at my heartstrings for certain!
I like sushi..I say "I like" so that I will not be misrepresenting in making believe I am a connaisseur of real sushi.
What I LOVE..are California Rolls(I think I would like California too:) )

Caroline and Frédérick introduced me to this in their first apartment/home:)

I never even hesitated..I think.. and bought this darling set..and thought..I will buy rolls and serve to Jacques..and I..

But I had everything here..
So this Thursday a nice sunny kitchen..I made the rice..

and then the clouds rolled in..:(

But I continued..I made 2 long California rolls ..I enjoy making these..The Sheets.. the crab.. the wasabi.. the green onions.. the pickled ginger!:)

I sliced them up this evening and we had them as a pre-dinner~

I think I like them even more now.. w/ Tamari held by my sweet chefs:)

I can't wait to make them again..w/ Shrimp next time?

I am so happy my friend spotted them..
They make me happy..

Bye for now:)~Bon Samedi~


  1. Awwww. These are darling! and I KNOW the sushi tasted better because it was served so stylishly.

  2. you already know i think these are just darling~

  3. Oh Monique, those are just to cute for words.

  4. Tes photos sont à tomber une fois de plus!

  5. So charming and extra nice since you were with your good friend when you got them. How could you not love sushi with these?

  6. They are so cute! Perfect for sushi and a nice memento of your lunch and shopping with Jojo :)

  7. Those are just adorable M...
    Love them!

  8. Oh, these are too cute for words! I burst out laughing in amusement :) How can a meal not be enjoyable when you have something like them as accompaniment? You did the rolls beautifully. Not a rice grain out of place ... wonderful presentation!

  9. I could not have resisted those either!

  10. awwww....these are so adorable!

    I would have bought these too!

  11. Where did you get these? I would love to buy a set for my new place!! If you can let me know, that would be great. Thanks!!

  12. Oh how you love food and how you must enjoy every meal. It looks to me that you love feeding your husband and family and friends. I can imagine sitting at your table and being loved on. I hope one day to be able to serve my friends with the same love and detail that you show. And your photos are incredible I love your vision. I just love visiting your blog.

  13. How adorable!! I would have bought them without a second thought myself. I hope I bump into something as beautiful as those somewhere soon.

    It makes cooking so worthwhile. Beautiful pictures as always Monique!

  14. I see we would all enjoy shopping together..Thanks I thought they were sweet and still do..I bought them at Stokes..the name brand is JO!E..

    They make many unique kitchen items.
    I hope you find some.I know one of my daughters would like some too:)

    LT I was thinking of you who have so much knowledge in asian type techniques and cooking..hoping they would be alright:)
    I was glad they held together well.

  15. What a cute sushi set! I think I might have to go out and get one of my own :)

  16. I totally covet your little sushi set.
    Thanks for sharing so much adorableness!

  17. Monique, your dinners are always quite an event. I love this set, and I know I wouldn't have hesitated to bring it home with me.
    And the Carifonia lolls look delicious.

  18. I really like california rolls, but I'm IN LOVE with your little shushi men! how cute are these?

  19. Oooh...super cute. I want one too! I can't live without spicy tuna rolls. That's my favourite.

  20. These little guys just make you smile! What a fun way to serve Sushi.