Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lori's Thyme Walnut Biscottis~

Are delicious..

You can find the recipe at Lori's~ You may have found her already..her photos are constant at Foodgawker.The recipes are delish~

Thanks so much to everyone who shares..recipes,decorating tips,art,ephemera,stories..photos.

I am going to see Julie and Julia today~!


  1. You'll love the movie -- the biscotti is on my list of things to try --

  2. Fabulous Monique ~ again, our tastes coincide! I missed this one on Lori's blog, just like you, she always shares something fabulous.

    What are the chances? Guess where we're going today as well! :) I'll be thinking of you. (Wouldn't it be fun to attend together?!) The thought of it makes me smile.

    Amitiés ~xo

  3. loving the pics and plate, and do i spy a ladybug too?

  4. So glad you enjoyed them as I did, M! They are lovely with a bit of prosciutto, a glass of wine...

    I'm hoping to see Julie & Julia this week. Keeping my fingers crossed...

  5. Les biscottis, un vrai délice

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I must make these!
    I saw the movie Friday night...loved it! I am hoping to cook from "Mastering" on Saturday to celebrate Julia's birthday!
    I hope you love the movie as much as we did....I want to go again!

  7. I LOVED it! Every minute!

    I need that book:) If only for the memory! I did read Julie and Julia..but not Julia's books:( Sad moi.

    Gosh Meryl is SUPERB!And Amy adorable.
    I even cried at parts.
    Joy and empathy.
    Go for it Linda!!! Good for you do it!!!
    I said to my dear friend during the movie..I bet I will buy this movie one day.
    You just know right?

    Lori..thank you again!

    It really opened up my eyes to blogging in a different way also.

    Jain..you do Spy a beautiful shiny ladybug:) She's Californian:) Adorable!

    Mary..I smile at that thought too..
    That is what I SAW again in that movie..the bonds and friendships..forums and blogs make.
    Cyber Penpals.:)

    Martha..You were right!

  8. Oh my I've never made biscotti but think I'll give it a try. I hope you enjoy the movie. I have seen it, actually with a friend of Julia's and included it on my blog.
    Happy Twirls

  9. Three days ago I found a recipe for pistachio biscottis, but this flavor sounds as good as to try...

  10. Oh, those look so good! I hope you enjoyed the film! I can't wait to see it myself!

  11. Oh, definitely delish! With a hot cup of coffee would be nice. Glad you enjoyed your movie :)

  12. I just saw these on Lori's blog - a must try! Yours look beautiful as well.