Monday, August 17, 2009

Soul Food #17~

The Beauties and The Beast~

Les Belles et la Bête~

You must know which of these 4 is not like the other~
Oy Prickle Beast that she is!!

How something so pretty can be so cruel~Ahh.. the bloom is pretty..the stem is not.

I loved that show many moons ago ..Beauty and The Beast..Linda Hamilton:)And Ron Perlman..
I could not wait for the next EPISODE~Vincent was .. just .. perfect.

And who can forget Jean Marais?


  1. i adore your soul food, so nourishing...

  2. Lovely shots Nana...The beast looks lovely too in a field just covered with them. My daughter was a huge VINCENT fan too.
    Our hearts are breaking here, we are waiting for a phone call at 2:00. My husbands job may be coming to an end....amazing how one phone call can change the course of ones life....we shall see, enjoyed your soul food my friend, xoxo~Kathy~.

  3. Magnifiques photos, des couleurs splendides, en ce moment repasse à la télé, la série des Fantomas, avec Jean Marais et Louis de Funès, bon ok, ce n'est pas la belle et la bête, mais quand même
    Bonne soirée

  4. Beautiful flowers, even the prickly ones. I do confess to having a great love for thistle.

  5. Kathy .. plse look at your mail.
    I hope the news was good~

  6. Monique, I love 'the beauties,' I even have some in my backyard, along with many butterflies, including Monarchs —the latter had not graced my plain, little garden in years.

    In regards to the t.v. show, Beauty and the Beast, I had forgotten all about it, until your romantic soul summoned it back onto the limelight, and into my memory.

  7. I keep taking the thistle out of my garden - with a little guilt - but it always comes back. Seems to grow better than anything else!