Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bleu et Blanc Wednesday~

Do you love Amaretti cookies?

I do..and buy them regularly when I go to Little Italy.
I won't..I will never again:)

Because of these..

And she:)

I just love them to little bits~

That would be my bite out of it..and the next 2? My lunch..I confess.. 3 small Amarettis made my lunch delectable!

Hope you can try them..They are sinfully almondyish.Which I enjoy~

This is part 2..

My daughter grows pansies better than I ever have..they are still pretty and still in bloom at her home..

I picked some last week ..and pressed them between the pages of a Hay Day Cookbook..~

I have loved making trays for years..and realize I only have 2 out of the 20 some odd I have made..

It's a little idea for those of you that like to craft also.
I love to press flowers!
I think it was in a Victoria magazine.. 1993..that I first discovered making designs w/ pressed flowers..
I redid this one w/ my daughter's pansies for the guest room..

Fifi gave me the idea of the rhinestone words:)
Do you know her? She is FABULOUS:)
Anyways it was time I redid that tray..and old brown tray.. with a glass top and some fabric under ..yrs ago...fabric came out..Painted it white.. gilded the handles and made my design on white paper..inserted under the glass~

Just add a verse you love..you don't even have to write it yourself..you can get rub on words or use a font on the computer~

I must redo this one...the flowers have faded so much! It's in our bathroom on my little hutch w/ things I like..Very different tray..but look how the flowers have faded~

Try the cookies..Bons!!

La Recette~
Preheat oven to 200 C~

2 egg whites

135 Gr. Super Fine sugar..I used fine sugar
170 Gr. almond powder(ground almonds)
a few drops almond extract(bitter) I used my ordinary one..
1 capful Amaretto liqueur
50 Gr. Icing sugar

Beat the whites ..but not too stiff..add the fine sugar and continue mixing for 2 mins.. with a spatula..gently add the almond extract ,the liqueur and the grounds almonds until blended..
Form into small Amaretti shaped domed disks.. and dredge in Icing Sugar..
Bake on a Silpat or parchment at 180C Convection for 10 mins.
If you prefer Crunchy Amarettis..let finish drying/cooling in the oven... half opened door.
I like mine like she does..it makes them so genuinely fresh.. with a soft middle..So I remove the pan and let cool on a rack when golden..crunchy on top.. softer in the middle~

Viva Italia~!!!


  1. I love almond cookies! I just made some, albeit with an Asian flavour. Oh, almond flavour in a cookie is pure heaven. And the pressed flowers on the trays ... the things you do, Monique ... poetry in motion.

  2. Your almond cookies look so good that I think I'll make some this very day. Jim will be thrilled. I love the trays - you are so creative Monique. It is always such a pleasure to view your beautiful photos.

  3. I'll bet fresh from your oven those cookies beat anything one could find in Little Italy. I'm going to try them for sure.
    Happy Twirls

  4. superbes ! merci pour la visite sur mon blog !!!cela me permet de découvrir le vôtre ! superbe j'adore ! j'éspère à bientôt ....
    bye ! amicalement Angy....

  5. I love those little cookies and am anxious to try this recipe. I went to Angy's site and love it!

    I also love the pressed flowers idea. I used to press flowers when I was a teenager but haven't in a long time. I need to start a little pansy garden!

    I love the rhinestones on the mirror. Another clever idea!

  6. Lovely as always M....Love the pansy tray and I actually enjoy the faded flowers in your other tray...A very fun project to press and savor flowers for the future...You do it so well! I wonder if certain flowers hold their color better then others for pressing...Have a wonderful day, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  7. opps, i snitched your pic first thing this morn and forget to gush back at you! you know i love it all...

  8. Oh those look wonderful...I have a ton of the store bought ones here...I must try to make some myself.
    Love the trays...they are absolutely beautiful...

  9. J'adore les amaretti... j'en fais aussi à la pistache, un bonheur!
    Pour te répondre au sujet du sucre, le sucre en poudre est le sucre normal. Pas le sucre glace (impalpable, ni le sucre cristallisé un peu plus gros°.
    Bonne journée.

  10. Merçi Mamina..Ouf.. c'est beau..c'est ce que j'ai fait~Sucre glace ..est bien la poudre..comme de le la fécule masi sucré..

    Pistache.. je dois aller scruter vos billets..:)

    Angy..ils sont tous partis! That's how good they are!
    Linda..I think they will become favorites...

    Kathy I do know that white bleeding hearts turn yellow before their time as they age..

    Thanks !
    I smiled over the rempeh LTC:)

  11. M, I love amaretti cookies, but my eyes keep gravitating toward the tray and the mirror with its rhinestone message. I've fallen in love, again.

    Speaking of falling in love, I love the 'menacing' little Batman on your sidebar!

  12. votre blog est vraiment merveilleux!

  13. These look delicious and I love your trays, Monique. The writing is most beautiful... and I agree, Fifi is fabulous!